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Peer Coaching

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A peer coach is a current Napa Valley College student that has successfully navigated at least one year at NVC that wants to help new students entering the college get off to a good start. Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and provide an early connection for students from someone who has been in their shoes.

Opening June 2024 for our New Class!
Match me with a Peer Coach

How does it work?

Its pretty easy. Both Peer Coaches and future Mentees sign up and take a quick matching survey. The survey asks you questions about yourself as well as some of your preferences for how you would like to communicate. Aspiring Peer Coaches complete some additional training, then NVC runs a matching algorithm that matches you up with your best fit. From there Peer Coaches and Mentees communicate via an online platform we provide (or through any other means the two of you decide on).

“I'm really excited to have someone there for me. It's nice knowing that I'm not completely alone and hopefully can be someone I can reach out to if I'm having a hard time in school or other activities. ” - New NVC Mentee


Becoming a Peer Coach!

We are always looking for dedicated current NVC students that want to help new students navigate the college and pass on some of the knowledge they have gained on their NVC journey.

Do you:
  • Identify the Potential in Others/Believe in Others?
  • Give Encouragement?
  • Network and Guide others?
  • Display Patience and Tolerance?
  • Maintain Cultural, Racial, Ethnic and Gender consciousness?
  • Remain Courteous and Professional?
  • See the Big Picture?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Peer Coaches get compensated?

Peer Coaches will receive a $100 stipend per Mentee match. A Peer Coach can match with a maximum of 10 Mentees.

Stipends are not hourly compensation. Stipends are awarded to refund costs that Coaches will incur while mentoring students.

How long does the Coach - Mentee match last?

While we hope Coaches and Mentees form bonds that are able to last well beyond our formal program, NVC Peer Coaches are matched with new incoming students in the summer, and are expected to remain in contact with their Mentees throughout the fall semester.

Want to know more?

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