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Please join the Commencement 2023 Canvas course to receive notifications and instructions on the ceremony.

  • The online no longer available.  
  • If you missed the deadline and still want to participate, please call the Office of Student Affairs and you will be manually added to the list AFTER they verify your eligibility.
  • For any changes/updates to your original RSVP, PLEASE CALL us at (707) 256-7363 to update your form.
  • The list of students who have RSVP'd will be updated every other day. 

  • Regalia is required to participate in the ceremony.  For more details, see the Cap and Gown (Academic Regalia) page.
  • Don't wait till the last minute to purchase your regalia.
  • Get creative in decorating your cap. No restrictions but must not be offensive.

  • It can last about 1.5-2 hours depending on how many graduates participate.
  • Attendance at rehearsal is highly recommended but not required if you are taking a final.
  • You will receive your Graduate Information Card at the rehearsal
    • Write your full name as you want it to be read; spell it out phonetically, if necessary.
    • Write down ONLY one of your degrees or certificates.  Only one will be read during the ceremony.
    • You will leave your card at the podium during the rehearsal and will need to pick it up in the evening again.
  • If you cannot attend the rehearsal, don't worry.  Just plan to arrive early by 4:30 p.m. prior to the ceremony to receive a semi-filled card and further instructions prior to lining up.
    • Graduates line-up in no specific order; first to arrive, get front rows; last to arrive, get back rows.
    • No saving of spots for other classmates once countdown begins

Review the line up and seating instructions to determine if you will line up on the left row or right row under the bleachers.

See map of where graduates will line up.