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Faculty & Staff Resources

Starfish Early Alert can help you and your students make every term successful. Starfish is an early warning and student tracking tool which collects and shares information while facilitating interventions that leverage existing campus resources.

(Student Success) Tracking Items

Kudo Icon Image.png


When a student earns special recognition for improvement or good work, use Starfish to send a Kudo (positive reinforcement) celebrating their efforts.

Flag Icon image.png


If a student begins to struggle, you can raise a Flag (early warning) in Starfish to notify them at the very first sign of getting off track.

Referral Icon image


When students require assistance outside of the classroom, you can use Starfish to initiate a Referral with institutional resources such as tutoring or counseling.

To Do Icon

You can send a "To-Do" for the student to complete when a student has an outstanding item such as needing to create an educational plan with a counselor, or needing to make a Starfish profile.

IMPORTANT- Students will receive an email notification from Starfish, so it is critical that students check their NVC student email regularly so they don’t miss information.


Progress Surveys

Each Progress Survey is unique, offering the opportunity for the instructor to provide the right support and intervention at the right time. We will have an "Early Progress Report" administered during the 4th week of the semester and a "Mid-Term Progress Report" administered during the 8th Week of the semester.

Success Network- Services

Offices that provide student services will be visible in the Starfish Service Catalog and will directly receive referrals sent in by faculty and instructors.

Starfish Trainings and Resources

Announcements / Flyers

Getting Started Guides


Progress Surveys