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Dream Center

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Welcome to the Dream Center!

The Dream Center is a very intentionally shared space with the Puente program, which combined is known as the Puente/Dream Center. All staff are ready to serve Dreamers and Puentistas alike in the center — a safe space to receive and be referred to resources specifically for them, as well as a space to gather, organize, study, eat, and socialize.

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¡Bienvenidos al Dream Center! 

El Dream Center es un espacio compartido intencionalmente con el programa Puente, que combinado se conoce como el Puente/Dream Center. Todo el personal está listo para servir a Dreamers y Puentistas por igual en el centro — Un espacio seguro para recibir y ser referido a recursos específicamente para elles, así como un espacio para reunirse, organizarse, estudiar, comer y socializar. 

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  • 10 Ways To Support Undocumented Students
    • Find concrete suggestions and specific resources that allies and educators can use to strengthen the support they provide for undocumented students.
  • Undocumented Students Support E-Handbook 
  • The USS E-Handbook aims to elevate promising practices across the system in order to provide undocumented students with holistic resources and services. In addition, we aim to educate and empower practitioners and administrators in the California Community College System to institutionalize support for undocumented students.
    • "The E-Handbook is broken down into different topics by chapter. We will continue to publish chapters in the upcoming months. Each chapter may interest various audiences, including UndocuLiaisons, classified staff, student staff, administrators, faculty, counseling faculty, and others. We encourage you to click on the different links and utilize these tools to identify the best practices that would yield the best student success outcomes for your campus." - Chancellor's office.

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