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Voting will be open Monday May 6th at 9:00am through Friday May 10th at 12:00pm.

Please check your student email for your link to the ballot.

ASNVC Governing Documents

Questions? Contact Omar Peña at

ASNVC Mission Statement

We the students of Napa Valley College (NVC), in order to protect and defend our rights as students, represent the interests of students in the college governance process; promote activities which stimulate intellectual, cultural, and social life of our college; and encourage a high standard of education, high ideals, and freedom of expression.

ASNVC 2024-2025 Candidates

ASNVC Elections for 24-25 are coming May 6th - May 10th.

President Candidate(s)

  • Serves as chairperson of ASNVC Board meetings.
  • Serves on Napa Valley College’s Council of Presidents.
  • Responsible for giving notice of all ASNVC Board meetings as required by the Brown Act, and ensures that minutes are prepared for permanent record of Board action.
  • The ASNVC President shall not serve as President or Vice President of another NVC student club or organization.

Priya SharmaHello, fellow Napa Valley College students! As your current Student Body President, I’ve proudly  served for two years and used my position to bring innovative events and represent diverse campus communities. My main goal is to be able to cater to the student life at NVC. My experience in event planning and advocacy has been invaluable. For my third term, I aim to boost student engagement and ensure your voices are heard for important campus decisions.

Let’s continue making a difference together. I ask for your vote to keep the momentum going

—vote for me as President!

Vice President Candidate(s)

  • Becomes President of ASNVC Board in the absence of President.
  • Responsible for coordination of student representation on campus committees.
  • The ASNVC Vice President shall not serve as President or Vice President of another NVC student club or organization.
  • Shall ensure that Board performs their General Obligations.

Avleen GillHi everyone! My name is Avleen Gill and I am eager to be running for Vice President. With two years of full-time commitment/prior involvement since 2019, I'm deeply invested in our community. I believe serving as Vice President would allow me to advocate effectively for student needs, and provide a chance for self-growth. I have a big interest in public service and have experience planning events with other students. It would be an honor to empower fellow students, get a chance to enhance my leadership skills, and work towards a positive future. Let’s work together towards a better NVC!

Student Trustee Candidate(s)

  • Serves as liaison between ASNVC and the Napa Valley Community College District Board of Trustees.

Cindy GonzalezMy name is Cindy Gonzalez, and I am running to be your Student Trustee! As the ASNVC Student Trustee, my priority is to improve the student experience at NVC by providing student-centered feedback on the various matters and projects discussed by the Board of Trustees. I will address student concerns and advocate for solutions. I currently serve as a student representative on the Housing Implementation Team, providing feedback on the implementation processes for River Trail Village. I also volunteer weekly at a non-profit law office, helping with administrative responsibilities. Thank you for considering me as your Student Trustee!

Events Coordinator Candidate(s)

  • Shall facilitate planning of events hosted by any member of the Board, ensuring their compliance with necessary procedures.
  • Shall promote ASNVC events and initiatives.

Ashley HallHello fellow students! I'm Ashley and I am running for Student Government as the Event Coordinator. I am a triple major, studying for my degrees in Addiction Studies, Human Services, and Sociology. I am currently a student worker in the Student Life office, and I help coordinate events on campus while also being a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I want to join Student Government because I enjoy planning and throwing events that bring not only students, but also our community together. I look forward to meeting all of you and bringing fun events to Napa Valley College!

Morgan WangAs a high school student, I always wanted to be part of my school, and now, with the opportunity at NVC, I want to make it happen. I want to make our campus culture welcoming and make sure every student's voice is heard. I also want to help plan student events where many people can participate and enjoy campus life even better. Making people enjoy coming to campus and look forward to such events where they can meet our NVC staff along with fellow students. As a community college, I want to make sure people enjoy their academic journey.

Secretary Candidate(s)

  • Responsible for creation and posting of all ASNVC Board meeting minutes, in collaboration with ASNVC President.
  • Responsible for replying to correspondence addressed to ASNVC Board.
  • Responsible for tracking attendance at ASNVC meetings and events.

Nataly ValenciaDear ASNVC, 

My name is Nataly Valencia and this is my third year at Napa Valley College as an economics major. I would like to take on the role of secretary as I aspire to contribute my problem solving, organizational and communicative skills to our community as students and collaborate with other members of the board. I am particularly excited for this position because I enjoy taking precise notes and adding new ideas when the opportunity is presented. My involvement in student government will provide optimal motivation for me to continue pursuing my educational goals.

Treasurer Candidate(s)

  • Responsible for tracking and processing all financial activities of the ASNVC Board.
  • Responsible for maintaining an accurate, up-to-date budget.
  • Responsible for working with the District’s Business Office to ensure financial oversight and compliance.


Senators-at-Large (5 positions open) Candidate(s)

  • Each senator shall act as a liaison between student body, college staff, and ASNVC.
  • Shall seek potential funding sources for the Board.
  • Shall interface with the student body in an effort to advocate for their issues and concerns.

Armann GirMy name is Armann Gir. I am a dedicated Political Science major running for Senator. I am committed to helping students and enhancing campus life. My dream one day is to become a lawyer. It's my first year at NVC, and I graduated from American Canyon High School in 2023. I wish to be appointed Senator to help people on campus.

Bareera KhurramMy name is Bareera Khurram, I am a second-year student here at NVC, and am excited

to study here for another year. Going into my third year I want to help nurture the community that I am a part of and bring the student body together. When elected into ASNVC, I will ensure that I am a voice for the needs and wants of the students. I will work with my peers to celebrate the diversity of our campus, create positive change, and foster connections that enrich our college experience and our lives beyond.

Jocelyn Bolanos MartinezI have contributed to my past schools through leadership roles, leading to my desire to run for ASNVC Senator. I am a college freshman pursuing a Bachelor's in political science and desire a career as an immigration attorney. This role would not only give me an experience I can use as I pursue this career but also one I am fit for due to my previous leadership contributions. Through my knowledge of political and leadership systems, the role of Senator is one I can see myself thriving in, benefiting the NVC community by being the voice of the students.

Neptali LonaAs a passionate student at Napa Valley College, I am eager to serve my fellow peers as a member of the student board. I believe in the power of student leadership to enact positive change within our campus community. I am committed to advocating for the needs and concerns of my fellow students, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, and working collaboratively to enhance the college experience for all. With a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, I am ready to contribute my skills and ideas to the student board and make a meaningful impact on campus life.