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Accommodations & Services

The following requests are for approved accommodations (section 56001 (a) also referred to as Academic Adjustments, Auxiliary Aids and Services). If you are unsure of your accommodations, please contact us via email at or phone (707) 256-7345.

Students, after you have been approved through your DSPS counselor or LD Specialist:

  1. Student contacts Student Services Specialist in person to request note-taking for their classes.
  2. A note-taking request form is filled out after a discussion with specialist on which classes would require note-taking or other options, i.e. note-taker/shared notes, and other devices that can be used in lieu of a note-taker or along with a note-taker.
  3. Expectations of note-taking are discussed with a reminder that the note-taker is a volunteer and they are taking notes for what they feel is relevant to them. Notes provided may not be comprehensive and are just to be a supplement to what the requester is taking as well.
  4. Options for receiving complete lecture content is discussed such as using a recorder, SmartPen or Sonocent if the student feels they need all of the lecture content.
  5. The student will be notified by DSPS through email that they have a note-taker to fill the request.
  6. If a note-taker is not obtained by the second day of class, and provided that the student requested a note-taker 20 days prior to the start of the semester, they will be provided interim accommodation(s) by contacting DSPS, such as an audio recording device or instructor-taped lectures, SmartPen, Sonocent or instructor notes. If the student gets a volunteer notetaker they will inform the Student Services Specialist. If the note-taker does not meet the students expectations they are to contact DSPS immediately to have an alternative note-taker.
  7. The notes will be emailed within 32 - 48 hours of any class using NVC student designated email along with a delivery receipt. If a student does not receive their notes it is their responsibility to contact DSPS.
  8. If the DSPS student misses the class then lecture notes may not be provided.
  9. The DSPS student needs to contact the specialist if they find they need more than notes, if there are issues with the notes, we would prefer you to contact DSPS before dropping the class.
  10. DSPS students are also reminded to look at the instructor’s website or Canvas site as lecture notes are often posted on the instructor’s web page or in Canvas.
  11. If a student needs to withdraw from a class due to the inability to have received a volunteer note-taker and additional support of accessibility devices did not meet their needs, the student has the right to withdraw a class between the second and fifth week of the semester without the withdrawal being reflected on their record.

Note: If there is someone in your class you know and you are comfortable asking them to be your note-taker please do so. Please refer them to the Student Services specialist so they can be given all of the information needed.

One-on-one subject matter tutoring in Math or English or study skills help in any other subject is available for all DSPS students. If you are a registered DSPS student and are interested in our tutoring services, please complete the following tutoring form. If you have any immediate questions, contact tutoring coordinator, Sandy Barros, at 707-256-7447 or email at

Details below:

  • Complete the DSPS Tutoring Request Form: Online Form | Fillable PDF
  • Tutoring is scheduled weekly throughout the semester or summer session.
  • There is a maximum of two hours of tutoring a week per subject.
  • In-person and online tutoring is available.
  • CLEARED4 vaccination or negative test verification is required for in-person tutoring.
  • Tutoring is a service we provide rather than an accommodation, and appointments are limited and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. If we are unable to accommodate your requested time slot(s), we will add you to our waiting list.
  • Students are responsible for communicating with the tutor and tutoring coordinator regarding any late or missed appointments.
  • After two unexcused appointments, scheduled times may become available to other students.

Note: Tutoring will NOT be offered on Holidays or during Final Examinations week.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Guidelines

I understand that if I am provided with Interpreting Services from Disability Student Program Services (DSPS) at Napa Valley College, then I will accept and adhere to the following guidelines and responsibilities:

1. Communication:

  • I will check my email regularly for correspondence from Sandy Barros, Student Services Specialist, as this will be the main source of communication in regards to interpreting services.
  • I may also receive text messages from the IL or can send the IL text messages at 707-666-5808.

2. Requesting Services:

  • I understand that I have priority registration, and that I need to register early. I will make an appointment with Tyler Downie the DSPS Counselor to register for classes each semester and then will request interpreting services through Sandy Barros.
  • I understand that if I make my request less than 2 weeks (10 working days) before classes start, then it is likely that I will not have interpreters arranged by the start of class.

3. Absences:

  • I will contact Sandy Barros, Student Services Specialist by email, phone, or in person 24 hours in advance of any absences from class.
  • If I do not give 24 hours' notice of an absence, I will be considered a "No-Show".
  • If I am going to miss a class on Monday, then I will contact the Interpreter Liaison by Friday morning to avoid being considered a "No-Show".

4. Punctuality:

  • I realize the importance of being on time for class. I understand that the interpreter will only wait 10 minutes for each hour that the class is scheduled up to a 20 minute maximum. If I do not show up before the end of this waiting period, then I will be considered a "No-Show", and no interpreter will be provided.
  • If I contact the Interpreter Liaison to let her know that I am running late, then, if possible, my interpreter will be asked to wait for me until I arrive.

5. Suspension of Services:

  • I am allowed only two "No Shows" per class or four "No Shows" overall per semester. I understand that if I am a "No-Show" three times in one class, or five times overall, then my interpreting services may be temporarily suspended. Services may only be reinstated after I meet with the DSPS Counselor.
  • Once my services are reinstated, I understand that if I am a "No-Show" again, then my services may be suspended for the rest of the semester until a formal complaint is filed and ruled upon.

6. Changes to Class Schedule:

  • I will notify Sandy Barros, Student Services Specialist immediately if there are any changes to my class schedule (if I drop a class, room changes, etc.)

7. Interpreters for Outside of Class:

  • If I need class-related interpreting services outside of a scheduled class time, (e.g. teacher conference, field trip, etc.), I will make the request to the Interpreter Liaison using email or text messaging, at least one week (5 working days) in advance.

8. Interpreting Problems:

  • If I have complaints about an interpreter, I will first discuss it with the interpreter and then, only if the problem is not resolved; discuss it with Jan Schardt, Accommodations Specialist. I will report "Interpreter No Shows" immediately.

9. Exams:

  • I will notify Sandy Barros, Student Services Specialist, in advance of all test days. If I take my exam in the Testing and Tutoring Center, then no interpreter will be provided. I will request interpreters for my final exams 2 weeks in advance.

10. Conduct:

  • I will not have personal conversations with the interpreter while he/she is interpreting in class. I will not behave in a rude or threatening manner toward the interpreter. I understand that gross misconduct may result in suspension of services.
  • I will not exchange personal phone numbers or email addresses with the interpreters. All communications are to be handled by Sandy Barros, Student Services Specialist.

Alternate Path for Requesting Accommodations

The student who is requesting accommodations and does not wish to utilize college Disability Support Programs & Services (DSPS) services may call (707) 256-7345. The student must provide an official Verification of Disability signed by an appropriate medical professional.