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Community Standards

  1. As a resource center, the Cultural Center serves as a reading/listening/viewing room.  Visitors are welcome to use and enjoy all books and audio-visual materials in The Cultural Center.  However, usage of these materials is restricted to the Cultural Center and may not be checked out.  Copies of selected titles are available in the McCarthy Library for circulation.  If any items are removed from the shelves, please place them on the circulation desk so our staff can reshelve these items.

  2. During meetings, presentations, and discussions, visitors are expected to adhere to and respect the following guidelines:

    1. Welcome Others:  Please welcome all who enter the space.  If you see someone you don't know, please introduce yourself.

    2. Respectful Language:  Please refrain from using profanity and derogatory terms (i.e. racist, sexist, homophobic epithets).

    3. One Voice, One Mic:  During discussions, when one person speaks, everyone else listens.

    4. Step Up, Step Back:  In order to create an environment that allows all participants to be heard, please be mindful of your contribution to a discussion.  We kindly request that individuals avoid dominating any discussions.  We encourage all to be free to share, but we also encourage all to listen to the experiences of others.

    5. Circle of Respect:  Everything shared in the circle remains in the circle.

  3. Please throw away all trash.

  4. If interested in reserving The Cultural Center, please fill out a Reservation Request Form online.


Note: Visitors who do not abide by The Cultural Center's Community Standards Agreement may be asked to leave the center.