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I got an email from Phi Theta Kappa. Is that the college honor society?
Yes. NVC's honor society is one chapter of the International 2 Year College Honor Society. PTK now sends email invites if your GPA and units qualify.

How much is it and what do I get for that?
The current cost of membership is $95 for a lifetime membership. There is never a need to pay again. If you are a member of NVC's EOPS program, check with them first as they cover this cost for members.

The membership fee processes your membership after which you will be sent a welcome packet with your certificate, a PTK membership pin and packet along with your credentials to access the site.

Access to the site provides links and information on in state and out of state scholarships, leadership programs, a college exploration tool, requests for a recommendation letter and more. Find out the full benefits at

I am graduating! How do I get my honors graduation regalia?
You must be a member of the honor society to purchase the authorized honors regalia. Once you are a member, you will gain access to the site where you can purchase the honors regalia. The regalia is not included in the membership. Go to You can browse for items, but you must log in to purchase.

Most students purchase the gold stole and gold tassel but you may purchase as much or as little as you want! All regalia is approved for graduation, so bling it up!

Do I have to do anything once I join?
Not necessarily. If you simply want to access the site, wear graduation regalia and have the gold seal put on your diploma, you may do that.

However, NVC does have an active honor society chapter: Beta Beta Sigma. Currently students meet on Tuesdays at 12:30 in room 1635. All members are welcome to come see what we're doing.

I want to become more involved. What do I do?
The NVC honor society chapter follows the international Phi Theta Kappa theme and calendar program. This means we participate in community projects we design, research, and create other types of events and activites.  The chapter officers also attend at least two conferences per academic year. Feel free to show up for a meeting and/or contact NVC's Honor Society Advisor, Cathy Gillis at (707) 256-7411

What are formal inductions I've heard about?
Every spring our college honors new members. If for some reason you cannot make the induction ceremony (this year it is being held at 6pm, Wednesday, May 9th in the Performing Arts Black Box Theater), you are still recognized as a member in good standing. However, the induction ceremony is for you! We invite you to bring friends and family, walk the stage proudly, take pictures and share refreshments.

Dress code for the inductions is whatever you would wear to dinner--in other words, it doesn't have to be fancy, but neat and not flip flops and shorts.