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Napa Valley College offers noncredit classes and programs to provide students with access to a variety of courses at no cost to assist them in reaching their personal, academic and professional goals. Noncredit instruction serves as a key contributor to  “open access” for students with diverse backgrounds and those seeking ways to improve their earning power, literacy skills and access to higher education.

Noncredit course offerings and programs span many disciplines, including English literacy, language arts, nutrition, basic computers, music and the visual arts. Classes are open for enrollment at any time during the semester and to all levels of experience, unless otherwise noted. Enjoy viewing the list of noncredit classes and programs Napa Valley College offers throughout Napa County.


English as a Second Language (ESL) is a program for non-English speaking students. The College hires highly trained instructors who meet the state qualifications to teach this subject. Classes are small and intimate to ensure plenty of contact with the teacher and fellow students. Click the green bar above to visit the noncredit ESL webpage.


Napa Valley College's Noncredit Division offers classes specific for older adults that are free and open to adults over 55 years of age. These classes are offered at the Upper Valley Campus and in partnership throughout the Napa Valley at locations such as: Rianda House in St. Helena and the Calistoga Community Center. 

Napa Valley College offers a variety of courses that are specifically designed for older adults to offer them lifelong education providing opportunities for personal growth and development, community involvement, skills for well-being and topics on self-sufficiency. We are delighted to offer classes in partnership with many senior serving organizations throughout the Napa Valley. All noncredit classes are free and “open entry” however, the below list of classes are designated for adults over 55 years of age.

Acting with Ease - This noncredit course provides an opportunity to experience and participate in a theater setting through interactive engagement with acting and plays.

Ceramics - This noncredit course provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of ceramics through the study of various forming techniques and / or firing techniques. In addition to hands-on projects, students will also explore the role of Ceramic Art and Craft in current and past cultures.

Instrumental Ensemble for Seasoned Musicians - This noncredit course provides an opportunity for mature adults to participate in a music ensemble setting by playing musical instruments

Mindful Singing - This class will provide an opportunity to experience and participate in a music setting through singing and playing rhythm instruments.

Visual Expression - This noncredit course provides older adults with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the visual arts through the study of various artistic techniques, tools and materials. In addition to hands-on projects, students will also explore the role of art in current and past cultures.

These classes are very popular and often fill up quickly. Pre-registration is highly recommended through our online registration system. You may also drop-in on the first day of classes however if it is already full, you will be placed on a waitlist. We suggest registering for other sections. Please call (707) 967-2901 for more information or email us at 


Autobiography Writing - If you’ve lived a life, you have a story to tell, this course, for beginning or seasoned writers, gives you the tools as well as the attitude you need to begin shaping stories from the rich, raw material of your life. You will learn how to touch memories and moments, making them come alive through your writing.

Wellness: Nutrition - This short course is designed to meet the growing demand of food enthusiasts, fitness professionals, personal trainers, and the general public on the fundamentals of Nutrition and its relation to Wellness. This comprehensive 8-day short course provides an in-depth examination of contemporary nutritional topics.