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Faculty Guidelines & Forms

The Testing Center administers academic exams to Napa Valley College students. Appointments are necessary.

Students with Disabilities

If a student has a documented disability and is permitted to take their exams at the Testing Center (TC), please complete an Academic Exam Directions Coversheet which provides instructions on how you want the TC to administer the exam. Please review our acceptable delivery and return methods. Accommodations should not be given without receiving a letter from DSPS.

Instructors with questions regarding accommodations should contact DSPS directly. ​

Non-DSPS Make-up Exams

The Testing Center offers make-up exams to non-DSPS students who have an extenuating circumstance, such as sickness, funeral, accident, family emergency, jury duty, etc. Please note, since DSPS students are a priority, this is a request and not a guarantee. Faculty must receive make-up exam approval under the discretion of Testing Center staff. Please do not have students contact us for permission. This service is not available on Fridays and during finals week.

Acceptable Exam Delivery and Return Methods

Delivery Methods

  • Drop off exam and coversheet at the TC. If we are not open, you may slide the exam under the door or ask library staff to place the exam in the TC mailbox. Please do not send students to the TC with their exam. An instructor or NVC staff member must deliver exams to the TC.
  • Leave exam and coversheet in the TC's mailbox. The TC has two mailboxes; one is located in the faculty office (building 1000) and the second is located in the library (building 1700) behind the circulation desk. Mail is picked up by TC staff one time per day, usually between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm.
  • Email exam and coversheet to For security reasons, emails will be permanently deleted once the exam is printed. 

Return Methods

  • Pick-up: Completed exams will be held for pick-up at the TC.
  • College Mail: The TC will deliver completed exams to faculty mailboxes that are accessible. If your mailbox is located behind a locked door, please utilize a different delivery method. Mail will be delivered one time per day, usually between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. All exams will be delivered 24-48 hours from time of completion.
  • Scan & Send to College Email: As a courtesy, TC staff will return completed exams via NVC email addresses within 24-48 hours of completion. Exams will not be returned to personal email addresses. 
  • Student Hand Deliver: Completed exam will be placed into an envelope and given to the student to return to the faculty member. TC staff cannot guarantee the security of exams that are returned using this method.


  • All exam submissions must include an Academic Exam Directions Coversheet. This is important as it informs staff how to administer the exam properly. Exams submitted without a coversheet will not be accepted.

  • The TC cannot accommodate large group and/or entire class testing. 

  • Please do not send students to the TC with their exam. Please review our acceptable exam delivery and return methods.

  • Instructors with questions regarding accommodations should contact DSPS directly.

  • Please remind your student(s) to make an appointment at least two business days prior to the exam date (we do not check emails/phones over the weekend, including holidays).
  • Faculty are required to submit exams by or on the exam date.