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  • Apply to Napa Valley College (cccapply).
  • Complete the English and math assessment tool.
  • Complete college Orientation.
  • Apply for financial aid at ( and the CA Promise Grant.
  • Option of enrolling in 1 or 2 Umoja specific courses each semester (courses​ are CSU/UC transferable). (fall: COUN 100, COMM 126; spring: COUN 110, COMM 120).
  • Submit a completed and signed Umoja Learning Community Application.
  • Complete a signed Photo Release Form.
  • Submit a signed Student Consent Form (parental signature required if under 18 yrs. of age).  
  • Participate in Intrusive Counseling with Umoja counselor (2 per semester).
  • Mental Health Counseling (1 per semester).
  • Participate with other learning communities on campus.
  • Participation in all events and activities related to Umoja.
  • Be a willing and open minded person to new learning activities.
  • Allow your voice and words to be intentional and deliberate: say what you mean and mean what you say with respect. Silence is complicity.