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Financial Aid Forms


Dear Student,

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, forms are being converted through DocuSign for online submission. When required to submit additional documentation (tax return, picture ID, high school diploma, etc.,  a link to upload the document will be provided on the form. f you need to submit documents without a form, please use the "Cover Page for Uploading Documents" under specific year forms. If you have questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 

Thank you,
NVC Financial Aid Processing Team

2022-2023 Forms

The Docusign Forms listed below will allow for electronic submission.  When you click on the link, a PowerForm will open.  Students, you will need to enter your legal name and NVC STUDENT EMAIL address and click on Begin Signing to start the form.  Students, if you use your personal email address, the form will be considered invalid and will not be processed.  Students, if you are unable to complete your form, after you have opened and started the form, click on the "Finish Later" button.  You will receive an email link to return to your unfinished form.  For Dependent Students, you will need to provide your parent's legal name and email address on the forms that requires parent's information.  The average processing time is between 6 to 8 weeks from the date we receive your valid electronic Docusign forms. 

Cover Sheets for Uploading Documents not Previously Submitted

Appeal Submission Deadlines


1/04/2023- 4/14/2023 

Contact the Financial Aid/EOPS Office for possible early submission

 The Financial Aid Appeal is a process you may complete to request reinstatement of eligibility to receive financial aid if you have not met the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards and have been placed on a disqualified status.
Read each step and then click the button below to begin the Financial Aid Appeal Process.
A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) must be on file before submitting your appeal.
1.     Submit OFFICIAL ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS from all prior schools attended to the Admissions & Records Office.   
2.     Make an appointment to meet with an academic counselor in Counseling Services and ask that your transcripts be evaluated.  Students in specialized academic support programs, such as EOPS, SSS, Puente, UMOJA, etc., should meet with their program counselor. 
o   When you meet with your counselor, develop a comprehensive STUDENT EDUCATIONAL PLAN (SEP) that includes only those courses required to complete your program (include transfer courses if applicable) at NVC.  
3.     Enroll in classes listed on your SEP for the semester you are submitting the appeal. 
4.     Complete the Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and the Financial Aid SAP Appeal Process Financial Aid Counseling session by clicking the link below.   
If it is your first time using you will need to set up an account by registering.

 5.     Follow the counseling session instructions carefully. Once complete, you will receive a Congratulations page with the link to the Financial Aid Appeal Request Form. 

 6.     Submit your completed appeal packet to the Financial Aid/EOPS Office electronically through the DocuSign Powerform by the deadline stated.
Please note the following:
·   Appeal packets that are submitted incomplete or missing documents will be denied.
·   Submitting an appeal does not guarantee approval.
·   Average processing time is 4-8 weeks.
·   You should be prepared to pay for your books and other related expenses while you appeal is being processed.

Start the Appeal Session now   

NOTICE: The Work Study Program is no longer accepting New Hire or Rehire Forms

  • 2022-2023 Work Study Supervisor New Hire Request Form  
  • 2022-2023 Supervisor Work Status Report/Rehire Request Form