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College Fee Waiver for Dependents of Disabled/Deceased CA Veterans

CalVet Fee Waiver Information Page

Fee Waiver For Dependents of Disabled/Deceased CA Veterans

Students should send their application form DVS 40 to the VA County Offices. To obtain applications, information and to apply for benefits under this program, contact your local County Veterans Service Office or visit their website at:

The VA County Office will send a copy of the College Fee Waiver Authorization, once a student is found eligible, to the Financial Aid Office.  Fee waiver awards will be posted on MYNVC under "Financial Aid." Fee Waivers will only be applied to the academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring) that the student is eligible. Students must renew their fee waiver application with the VA County Office each year preferrably before the summer semester begins.

Students who pay their tuition and registration fees before they are found eligible for the VA College Fee Waiver should contact the Cashier's Office at (707) 256-7188 for refund process.

For additional information, check out the Cal-Vet Fee Waiver Information sheet.