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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

"Nelson Mandela" Xplore Inc, 2015. 28 July 2015.

Linked Learning Model

Umoja students are required to enroll in Umoja (cohort) linked classes during the fall and spring semesters.

1st semester 2nd semester
NVC Fall Semester Umoja Classes: NVC Spring Semester Umoja Classes:
College Success: COUN 100 = (CSU, UC) Career/Life Planning COUN 105 = (CSU/UC)
Intercultural Communication: SPCH 126 = (CSU, UC) Interpersonal Communication SPCH 120 = (CSU/UC)
English course = ENGL 120/95 support = ( CSU, UC) or English course = ENGL 120/95 support = ( CSU, UC)
Math 232 = (CSU, UC) or Math 232 = (CSU, UC)
Humanities course = HUMA 100/101/112 (CSU, UC) optional for fall or spring

2nd year

Support courses and courses as part of the major


Counseling includes a comprehensive academic program in which students are assigned an Umoja counselor in a supportive environment to provide the following services, but not limited to:

  • Assisting students in identifying academic/career goals.
  • Assisting students in developing a Student Educational Plan (SEP).
  • Umoja counselor assists students in identifying specific strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to career related objectives.
  • Umoja counselor provides intrusive counseling (meeting students where they are).
  • Umoja counselor meets 3 (three times) per semester with Umoja students.
  • Intensive student mentoring and follow-up.

Mental Health

Mental healthy advising when appropriate.

Faculty, Staff and Peer Monitoring

Umoja faculty and staff, as well as former Umoja students, serve as a supportive network to address and provide a safe environment for all students enrolled in the Umoja Learning Community. Umoja seeks to enrich the whole student-Mind, Body, and Spirit. The Umoja Community engages students in cultural trips, college/university tours, academic empowerment tours, Umoja Learning Community Conferences, and on campus activities.

Academic Support

Umoja students work closely with Umoja staff and faculty to explore career options, develop an academic plan and identify lifetime goals. Students take classes that provide a supportive and stimulating environment to build confidence through a series of culturally related pedagogical learning.

Financial Aid/Scholarship Assistance

Students are encouraged and advised to apply for financial aid and are provided assistance throughout the process. Financial aid and scholarship applications, dates, deadlines, and workshop information is provided to the student.

Transfer Planning

Umoja students are given the necessary resources and tools to assist them in the transfer process. This includes the latest news, websites, application deadlines, and tips to help with the transfer process.

Dedicated Space​ Room 863 (closed for fall 2021)

Located in the 800 building, Umoja students have a place (Umoja Village) to do homework, use computers, dine, and participate in "Porch Talk". Porch Talk allows your voice to be heard and respected.

Mentor ME Program

Students will meet and engage with a mentor for a minimum of nine hours per semester of communication or activities while enrolled in any Umoja cohort class. Participants must demonstrate a willingness to learn about their mentor's profession and professional experiences, treat this opportunity to learn and broaden their educational horizons, and also share their experiences, dreams, and goals with their mentor.

Mentor ME program

Fo further details regarding Mentor Me, please contact:

Dr. Tia Madison
Professor of Communication Studies
Language & Developmental Studies
(707) 256-7495