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Appointments How-To Guide

Register for WCONLINE

  1. Go to Napa Valley College’s WCONLINE page
  2. Click ‘Register for an account’ 
  3. Register using your NVC email address - Important information will be sent to that address regarding your appointment(s)
  4. Fill out the required information
  5. Choose when you would like to receive emails regarding WSC appointments or announcements
  6. Click 'Register' - You will receive a confirmation in your NVC email

*You will only need to do this once. After that, just use your email and password to access WCONLINE for making and attending appointments. 

Make an Appointment

  1. Open time slots are shown as white rectangles - appointment blocks may be 30 or 45 minutes. All tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long and begin at your scheduled time. The remaining 15 minutes in some blocks allow tutors to complete session notes and prepare for their next appointment.
  2. Click on the desired block to complete an appointment form - appointments must be made at least 2 hours in advance
  3. Fill out the appointment form
  4. Upload your essay and assignment prompt using ‘file attachment(s)’ at the bottom of the form
  5. Click on the ‘Create Appointment’ button
  6. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment in your NVC email

*Max 2 appointments per day. Back-to-back appointments are not permitted. Tutor preferences are honored whenever possible, but are not guaranteed.

Upload a Document

  1. Click on the appointment to open the form
  2. Scroll to the bottom and choose ‘Edit Appointment’
  3. Upload your document using ‘file attachment(s)’
  4. Be sure to ‘Save Changes’ before logging off

*Tutors will be better able to assist you if you provide a draft of your paper AND a copy of the assignment or essay prompt before your appointment.

Attend Your Appointment

  1. Sign into WCONLINE 5-10 minutes before your appointment
  2. “Clock in” (üto check in for your appointment - You can select your appointment from the drop down list
  3. Click the yellow block to open your appointment form
  4. In the appointment window, click the Zoom link to start your session.
  5. “Clock out” (ü) before logging off

*If you are having problems connecting, please email your tutor and send a message to the Writing Success Center using the WCONLINE menu. We can help!

Cancel/Change an Appointment

  1. Click on the yellow block to open the appointment form
  2. Scroll to the bottom and choose ‘Cancel Appointment’ or 'Edit Appointment'
  3. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment within 2 hours of the scheduled start time, please email us or contact your assigned tutor directly - If you fail to log in for your appointment, it will be marked as a no-show.

WSC No-Show Policy: If you have 3 no-shows in a semester, your account will be disabled. 

Please contact us to have your account reactivated.