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English and Math Placement

In 2017, the California Legislature passed AB 705 to reform English and math placement standards and practices for students enrolling in California Community Colleges. These standards were augmented in 2022 with the passage of AB 1705. To address the new requirements, Napa Valley College has significantly revised the pre-collegiate and freshman English and math curricula and developed new placement processes and standards for all incoming students. New math placements go into effect in Fall 2024.   

Placement Standards

Contact Information

​For High School Students and/or Parents

Jessica Erickson
Associate Dean, Enrollment & Outreach Services

​For High School Faculty and Counselors

Karen Larsen
English Department Coordinator 

English as a Second Language
Michael Klieman 
ESL Department Coordinator 

Ana Clare Elizarrarás
Math Department Coordinator

​For District and High School Administrators

Priscilla Mora, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Academic Affairs


What Has Changed?

Students enrolling at Napa Valley College do not need to take math and English placement examinations. New placement rules have been established to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and math within one year. Consistent with AB 1705, students completing the math placement will receive placement results aligned with their stated major.

How will students know which English or math course they are eligible to take without a required placement exam?

Students will be placed in English and math classes on the basis of their cumulative high school GPA and completed high school courses. NVC has developed an online tool for students to determine which English and math courses they should take. Guideline placement tables for English and math are also included on the following pages for reference.

Will students be able to complete college-level English and math in the first year at NVC?

Yes. Under the new placement guidelines, most students will be placed into college-level English and math courses in their first year with varying levels of recommended or required support courses based on the student’s GPA and course history.

Will students need to submit their transcripts to NVC?

Yes. Students should be prepared with an electronic copy of their high school transcript verifying their GPA and completed courses when they apply at NVC. Hard copy transcripts are acceptable, as well, but will need to be submitted prior to registration.

What about students without a high school transcript?

Students without transcripts will be asked to self-report their high school GPA and courses completed.

Can a student opt to start in a pre-collegiate course if they feel they need more preparation before taking a college-level English or math course?

No. Napa Valley College does not offer pre-collegiate courses in English and math, but we do offer support courses that can be taken together with the collegiate English or math course. We also offer free tutoring services through our Writing Success Center and Math Success Center.

Can a student challenge their placement?

Yes. Napa Valley College allows students to challenge their placement in English and math. Students who wish to challenge placement will be required to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and/or knowledge to be successful in the indicated college-level course without the corresponding support courses.