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FACILITIES MASTER PLANNING: To make recommendations to the President of Napa Valley College on issues related to facilities. To oversee, monitor, and verify consistency with the Napa Valley College Facilities Master Plan (FMP) & the Sustainability Plan; To review Scheduled Maintenance & Special Repairs Plan & make recommendations; To review Space Inventory; To review Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan

DESIGN REVIEW: Review capital project design for consistency with the FMP, campus standards, and general campus interest.

COMMUNICATION: Provide an open forum for communication with constituent groups on the FMP, capital projects, and other facilities planning objectives.


There shall be seven (7) voting members representing and appointed by the following constituent groups:

  • 2 - Administration
  • 2 – Classified
  • 2 - Faculty
  • 1 - Student
  • In addition, there shall be one chair administrative chair:    Senior Director, Facilities Services

Chairs will only vote in the event of a tie vote among the seven (7) members.

Alternate committee members and chairs may be appointed by constituent groups and shall have the same voting rights as the members or chairs to whom they serve as substitute.



  • September 2022 TBD
  • October 2022 TBD
  • November 2022 TBD
  • December 2022 TBD