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Committee Charge

The purpose of this committee is to evaluate and make recommendations on matters related to the credit and non-credit curriculum. Course and program additions, deletions, or significant changes in program requirements or in course outlines must be voted upon by this committee.

The Curriculum Committee shall:

  1. Develop written procedures and deadlines for all credit and noncredit curriculum submission and approval. The Senate is to approve processes and procedures.
  2. Review and make recommendations on new course and new program proposals and on course and program revisions. Ensure that all additions and/or changes in course outlines and program outlines comply with curriculum regulations and development criteria.
  3. Make recommendations to the Academic Senate on issues relating to curriculum, such as changes in graduation or general education requirements. The committee will determine if a course is classified as general education for the associate degree and into which category it should be placed.
  4. Classify courses into appropriate disciplines and support submission of courses for transfer articulation. The committee will advise faculty on criteria and requirements for transfer general education patterns and transfer degrees.
  5. Review and make recommendations on proposed course and program deletions and inactive status.
  6. Vote whether or not to recommend course or program additions, deletions, or changes to the Academic Senate (which recommends to the NVC Board of Trustees for approval).

Meeting Info

The Curriculum Committee ordinarily meets in Room 1434/1435 on the first and third Friday of each month during the academic year from 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., including all the following dates:

Fall 2023

August 10*, 18
September 15
October 6, 20
November 3, 17

Spring 2024

January 19
February 2
March 1, 15
April 5, 19
May 3

*Note: Flex Day meeting (8/10) in Room 1637 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Meeting times and dates are subject to change when necessary.

As required by the California Brown Act on open meetings, all committee agendas and supporting documents will be posted at least 72 hours in advance to BoardDocs. Opportunity for public comment will be provided at the beginning of each meeting.

  • The committee intends to continue to offer members of the public the opportunity to participate virtually via Zoom at the following address: However, as this option is being provided as a matter of convenience to the public and not pursuant to the modified Brown Act teleconferencing rules, please be advised that the District does not guarantee public participation via Zoom. If Zoom fails or there are any other technical difficulties, the meeting will continue in person without virtual participation.
  • If you require accessibility accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact the Academic Senate Administrative Assistant at:


Faculty Representatives:

  • Curriculum Committee Faculty Co-Chair (votes only in the event of a tie)
  • Articulation Officer
  • Faculty Representatives (appointed by Academic Senate President)

Classified Representative:

  • Curriculum Analyst
  • Admissions and Records Analyst (appointed by Classified Senate President)

Student Representative:

  • Student (appointed by ASNVC President)


  • Curriculum Committee Administrative Co-Chair (VPAA)
  • Academic Deans (as determined by the Administrative Co-Chair)
Curriculum Committee Membership 2023-2024




Ana Clare Elizarrarás

Curriculum Committee Faculty Co-Chair

Steve Balassi Faculty Representative for Social Sciences
Rhue Bruggeman Faculty Representative for Arts and Humanities
Shawna Bynum Faculty Representative for Mathematics
Nicole Carrier Faculty Representative for Language Arts and Development Studies

Amy Catania

Faculty Librarian
Josh Hanson Faculty Representative for Science and Engineering
Molly Hodgins Faculty Representative for Career Education
Stacey Howard Articulation Officer
Brian Larsen Ad Hoc Senate Representative
Karen Larsen Faculty Representative for English
Ida Logan Faculty Representative for Health Occupations
Eric Martinez Faculty Representative for Counseling
Kelly McCann Faculty Representative for Kinesiology




Priscilla Mora

Curriculum Committee Administrative Co-Chair and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Jerry Dunlap Dean of Kinesiology, Administration of Justice, and Social Sciences
Robert Harris Senior Dean of LADS, Math, Arts and Humanities, and Health Occupations
Chris Farmer Dean of Science and Engineering
Douglas Marriott Senior Dean of Career Education and Workforce Development
Shawntel Ridgle Director of Continuing Education and Community Partnerships

Katherine Lebe

Curriculum Analyst

Gina Cota

Admissions and Records Analyst


Yao Yanez

ASNVC Student Representative

Spring 2023 Support Materials

March 3

Agenda and supporting documents posted to BoardDocs

February 3


  • Draft CC Minutes 1-20-23
  • CC Chat Log 1-20-23
  • AB 361
  • C-ID Numbering Protocol
  • NVC Course Numbering System
  • AP 4029 Hours and Units

January 20


  • Draft CC Minutes 12-2-22
  • CC Chat Log 12-2-22
  • AB 361
  • Napa County Memo Re Brown Act
  • Requisite Entry Skill from CurricUNET
  • C-ID Model Curricula (MCs)
Fall 2022 Support Materials

December 2


November 18


October 21


October 7

GE Subcommittee - September 21
11:00 a.m. - noon


September 16

September 2


August 19


Spring 2022

Support Materials
May 6

April 29


April 1

March 18


March 4


February 4


Fall 2021

Support Materials
December 3


Approved Minutes
November 19


Approved Minutes
November 5


Approved Minutes
October 15


Approved Minutes

October 1


Approved Minutes
September 24 (Special Meeting)


Approved Minutes
September 17


Approved Minutes

September 3


Approved Minutes

August 20


Approved Minutes
August 11


Approved Minutes

Spring 2021

Support Materials

May 7


Approved Minutes

April 16


Approved Minutes
March 19


Approved Minutes
March 5


Approved Minutes

February 19


Approved Minutes

February 5


Approved Minutes
January 29


Approved Minutes (with added appendix)

Fall 2020

Support Materials

December 4


Approved Minutes


Topic: Curriculum Committee Meeting Date: Dec 4, 2020 04:42 PM Universal Time UTC
Recording of December 4th Meeting
November 20

Agenda   Approved Minutes
November 6


Approved Minutes
October 30

This meeting was canceled.
October 16

Approved Minutes
September 18


Approved Minutes
September 4


Approved Minutes
August 21


Approved Minutes

Introduction: Mission Statements

Chapter One: Authority

  • Title 5 and Board Policy
  • Role of Curriculum Committee

Chapter Two: Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members

Chapter Three: Standing Rules and Procedures

  • Membership
  • Agendas
  • Parliamentary Rules
  • Subcommittees

Chapter Four: The Curriculum Approval Process

  • Committee Timelines
  • Course Approval Process
  • Substantive vs. Non-Substantive Modifications
  • Discipline Placement Process
  • Program Approval Process
  • Course and Program Archival Process
  • New Program and Program Archival Taskforces

Chapter Five: Criteria and Standards for Approval

  • Development Criteria
  • Standards for Course Approval
  • Degrees and Certificates
  • Distance Education Definitions and Standards

Chapter Six: The Course Outline of Record

  • Purpose of the Course Outline of Record
  • Required Components
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the COR
  • Writing Standards and Guidelines

Chapter Seven: General Education Requirements (Old)

  • NVC General Education
  • CSU General Education

Chapter Eight: Forms and Resources (Old)

  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Unit/Hour Formulas
  • Course Numbering System
  • Resources from the State Academic Senate and System Office
  • CTE Program Proposal Forms and Processes
  • SAM Code Definitions
  • Model Course Outlines of Record

Chapter Nine: Board of Governors Disciplines List (Old)

  • Disciplines Requiring a Master's Degree
  • Disciplines Not Requiring a Master's Degree