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Distance Education & Technology

The Distance Education and Educational Technology Committee shall be concerned with matters regarding technology as it impacts instruction and instructional needs.

Responsible to: Academic Senate and liaison to the District Technology Committee

Membership: The committee shall consist of the following members:

Academic Senate

  • One faculty chair, Academic Senate Member and current DTC member
  • Academic Senate member and current DTC member
  • Academic Senate member, Distance Education Coordinator
  • Academic Senate member, Faculty Librarian
  • Academic Senate member
  • Academic Senate member


  • Dean: Language Arts, Library, Social Sciences (non-voting)
  • Student Representative (non-voting)
  • Classified Representative: Distance Education Technician (non-voting)


The Educational Technology Committee (ITC) shall:

  1. Review and recommend resources for face-to-face and online classroom technology assistance
  2. Survey and prioritize instructional technology needs
  3. Co-develop and advise on IT outreach and training for faculty
  4. Recommend, monitor, and review educational software
  5. Recommend guidelines for face-to-face and online classroom technology standards
  6. Develop and recommend guidelines for classroom technology crisis management and response.
  7. Recommend budgeting priorities towards campus-wide Technology Infrastructure.
  8. Regularly review and publish guidelines for best practices in distance education.
  9. Assist with assessment of how distance education meets accreditation standards and make recommendations as needed.
  10. Coordinate and schedule peer observation course reviews once every 6 years for each faculty member teaching in the mode of distance education.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Christine Pruitt
  • AS members: Cathy Gillis (DE Coordinator), Rachael Cresci, Erin Quealy, Maricel Rossi, Aaron DiFranco, Jessica Amato, Sarah Davis
  • Dean: Chris Farmer
  • Student Rep:
  • Classified Rep: Brandon Tofanelli, DE Technician

Meeting Information Fall 2023

The committee will meet on the third Thursday of every month from 10-11 a.m. in room 1738.

All agendas and supporting documents can be found in BoardDocs.