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Computer Science


Digital isn't the future – it’s here now. The demand for web and computer experts is growing exponentially. Even entry-level computer technicians are highly coveted, and the job potential is limitless. This makes the study of computers a practical choice, but it’s also an exciting one. At its core, Computer Studies is truly the study of problem-solving, requiring a combination of creative, intellectual, and analytical skills.  You don't need any experience to get started on the journey toward a degree that has high value in the job market today.

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Did You Know?

  • Job candidates with baseline computer skills earn a 17% wage premium.
  • More than 850,000 companies in the U.S. use Microsoft Office.
  • Demand for computer trainers in California is slated to grow 15% through 2028.

Program Highlights

The Computer Studies program at NVC gives students a grounding in the principles of computer and information systems and the Microsoft Office Suite and an opportunity to explore all aspects of computer and Internet systems. Students will develop the tangible skills to complete specific job tasks and the strategies, understanding, and analytical skills of business directors.

Hands-on practice troubleshooting and tackling complex technical problems gives students the confidence to apply their skills in a professional environment.

Students may earn a Local Certificate in Beginning Microsoft Office Software with entry-level coursework or add further classes to earn a Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Microsoft Office Skills. The AS Degree in Computer Studies includes comprehensive business, computer, and communications coursework to equip graduates to use software applications to solve business problems.

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NVC graduates have the skills to be the go-to technology expert in a range of business settings. Email, online applications, digital marketing, and business software are widely used in every sector, from non-profit organizations to digital startups, and organizations need employees who can resolve everyday technology questions.

  • Office managers
  • Help desk technicians
  • Database specialists
  • Project coordinators
  • Computer programmers
  • Information Systems managers
  • Computer scientists
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After NVC

Graduates may opt to specialize with further coursework in computer networking or programming, or earn software-specific certification to enhance their skills. To explore your options, seek guidance from program faculty and NVC Counseling. To pursue onward study at a four-year institution, consult with the Transfer Center to ensure coursework aligns with your transfer goals.