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Digital Design Graphics Technology

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Help transform ideas into reality – physical or virtual – by combining artistic inspiration and 21st-century innovation. Digital Design and Graphics Technology students learn to create schematics, plans, models, animation, and digital designs to communicate intentions and translate abstract concepts into guidelines for physical reality. Graduates develop cutting-edge technical skills that are in high demand in today’s digital-first world.

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Did You Know?

  • NVC is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, enabling students to simultaneously earn industry certification as well as academic credit.
  • The 3D printing market is now a $14.7 billion industry, with a 22% annual growth rate.
  • Demand for special effects artists and animators in California is set to grow 11% through 2028.

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Program Highlights

NVC’s Digital Design and Graphics Technology (DDGT) program provides training in the latest digital tools for drafting, modeling, and design. Courses in CAD, architecture, computer-aided graphics, computer-aided graphic design, solid modeling, animation, web-design, video-editing and compositing, 3D printing, 3D scanning, and Augmented Reality are designed to parallel technical design office environments to allow students to easily enter the workforce upon completion of their studies.

The comprehensive four-semester DDGT Certificate of Achievement enables students to enter the workforce as entry-level design drafters and three-dimensional (3D) artists, with the versatility to work in a wide range of drafting and 3D graphic fields. Students can earn an AS in DDGT with the addition of general education coursework. Specialized Certificates of Achievement are also available in architectural and mechanical drafting and design.


DDGT is proud of its record in vocational placement of our graduates, who go on to job roles in the fields of architecture, engineering, multimedia, and many other digital graphic technology professions.  Students have enough of a skill-set to work as an entry level drafter after the first semester.  Many DDGT students have used the training received at NVC to launch four-year programs of study in related fields.

After NVC

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Pomona, as well as CSU Fresno, offer undergraduate architecture degrees, while CSU Long Beach, San Jose State, and San Francisco state offer bachelor’s degrees in industrial design. The University of Silicon Valley offers bachelor’s degrees in Game Design Engineering and Digital Art and Animation. To explore these and other options, seek guidance from program faculty and NVC Counseling and consult with the Transfer Center.