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Academic & Registration Calendars

          Calendars and deadlines

FALL 2024 Registration Calendar

Date Event
August 22-23, 2024 Instructional Excelence Day ( No classes, campus open)
August 26th, 2024 Classes Begin
August 26 - September 6, 2024 Late Add Period (Add Codes Active)
September 2, 2024

Labor Day(No Classes, Campus Closed)

September 6, 2024 Last Day to Add (Last Day to Use an Add Code)
See 2023-2024 catalog Refund for International and Non-Resident Students***
September 6, 2024 Last Day to Drop with a Refund**
September 6, 2024 Last Day to Drop without a "W" grade
October 18, ,2024 Last Day to Petition for Fall Degrees and Certificates****
February 23, 2024 Last Day to Request Pass/No Pass grading
November 1, 2024 Last Day to Drop with a "W" grade or "EW"
November 11, 2024 Veteran's Day ( No Classes, campus closed)
November 28 - March 29, 2024 Thanksgiving Break  (No Classes, Campus Closed)
December 13, 2024 Last Day to Request P/NP grading
December 14, 2024 Last Day of Classes
December 14- December 20, 2024 Non- Instructional Days ( Campus open)
December 23, 2024- January 3, 2025 Fall Recess ( No Classes, Campus Closed)
December 19 at midnight Grades Due from Faculty
December 20, 2024

Grades Visible on Self Service for Students

January 6- January 17, 2024 Non-Instructional Days ( No Classes, Campus Open)

**Drop with refund policy is applicable to the $46/Unit Enrollment fee
***Refunds for International and Non-Resident student tuition are 100% the first two weeks, 50% the third week, and 25% the fourth week of the semester
****See program coordinator for certificate application. All petitions must be submitted to the  Admissions and Records office by the deadline. 

NOTE: Dates are subject to revision; please check for updates regularly. Late-Start and Short-Term classes may have different dates. 

De-Registration: You are required to pay for your classes within 14 days of registration. If you fail to pay all class-related fees within 14 days of registration, you may be dropped for non-payment.

Napa Valley College observes a 4/10 schedule and is closed on Fridays during the summer (June/July).

The campus observes a 3/10 schedule during the weeks of Memorial Day and Independence Day.