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Student Health Center

Convenient, confidential care on campus

Our Mission is to increase equitable access to healthcare to help students achieve success. No insurance is required. The Student Health Center is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner, Medical Assistant, and Mental Health Therapist. On-campus medical services such as consultations, select prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are provided at no cost.  

All mental health services are FREE. On-campus mental health therapy services are provided through community partnership with Mentis, one of Napa’s oldest nonprofits. 24/7 access to virtual mental healthcare is provided through TimelyCare, a virtual health and well-being platform. Check out the navigation links or call the Student Health Center for more information.   

Good physical and mental health is essential for learning. We’re here to help students THRIVE  

Call (707) 256-7780 to schedule your appointment.  

Please complete an intake form prior to your appointment.

Walk-ins welcome upon availability.

Patient Rights and Responsibilties

Privacy Notice    

Blood Drive

Things to Know

  • All Donors should review Blood Donor Eligibility prior to making an appointment.
  • Donors are strongly encouraged to make an appointment using this link.
  • Donors should arrive well-nourished and hydrated.
  • Donors need identification with first and last name, and either a photo or DOB
  • The donation process takes approximately one hour (add an additional 30 minutes for a power red cell donation).
  • Power Red Donation – Power up your donation with an automated power red cell donation.
  • Don't Forget! Donors are encouraged to fill out theiFast Track Health History questionnaire online  by visiting or logging into their donor profile. The questionnaire must be completed on the day of their donation.

This drive will allow us to ensure that patients in hospitals across Northern California have the blood they need to see tomorrow.

Contact Us

  • Building 2250
    Behind the Life Sciences Bldg.
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  • (707) 256-7780

  • Student Health Center

    Monday - Thursday 9am-4pm

  • Emergency: Dial 911 

    Emotional Crisis Text Line: TEXT "HOME" to 741741

    Napa County Mental Health Crisis Hotline
    (707) 253-4711


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