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Ergonomics Chart

Ergonomics is the study of interaction between an employee and their work environment. The goal of ergonomics is to adapt the work environment to the employee. Generally, we can make employees more comfortable at their work stations with minor adjustment. 

Request an Ergonomic Evaluation

  1. Complete the online Office Ergonomics Training through Keenan SafeColleges. 
  2. An employee may request an in-person ergonomic evaluation of their work station through their supervisor by completing the Ergonomic Evaluation Request Form. If you have a doctor's note requesting an ergonomic evaluation, please include that with your request.
  3. Your supervisor will forward the request to Risk Management, who will then schedule an appointment with you. After the evaluation, Risk Management will send a report with recommendations to your supervisor. This may take up to 14 business days. 
  4. Supervisors and managers can also request ergonomic evaluations on behalf of their employees.

What Happens During an Ergonomic Evaluation?

During the evaluation, the ergonomist will:

  • Review your working posture
  • Teach you how to adjust your chair, keyboard, and mouse, etc.
  • Review the location of other office equipment (such as your phone, calculator, document holder, and so on)
  • Discuss the importance of stretching and taking micro-breaks

Based on the evaluation, a written report will be sent to the Risk Management Department. Based upon specific recommendations, equipment (such as an office chair) may be provided for the employee to determine if it improves the employee's comfort or helps correct their posture.