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Office of Student Life

The mission of Student Life is to support the development of the whole student by providing opportunities to connect and learn from other students, faculty, and staff through serving in student government, being part of a campus club or committee, or attending an event or conference on campus.

Student Life values and supports the college experience, social justice, building community, respect for all people, learning from each other, and having fun.

Student Id card instructions with id photo



Students must be currently registered for class(es) to obtain a Student ID Card.

We are currently issuing cards for the Summer Semester. We will begin issuing cards for the Fall semester in August.



Please complete all areas below to receive your NVC student ID.
*Please allow up to two business days for processing.
Please provide fill 7-digit number
Verification Process: photo ID

Photo Submission Guidelines

Recent COLOR photo of head and shoulders ONLY – typically this is a photo taken from 3-5 feet away 
  • No other visible people, objects, animals, or gestures
    Photo taken against a plain backdrop, ideally a
    light-colored wall. 
  • Photo taken in good lighting with no shadows or bright spots 
  • Face and shoulders forward and centered. No head tilts or taken from above

No sunglasses, hats, or any other article that obstructs the face. Religious garments are acceptable.

No photo filters or photo enhancements.

Saved as a .JPG – all other file types will be rejected.

Please label your file with your name.

Photos that are too low quality will be rejected.
Send your photo to




Contact Us

  • Omar Pena
    Student Affairs Specialist

    Hablo Español

  • (707) 256-7337