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Ooo-moe-juh (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a learning community and critical resource program dedicated to enhancing the critical and educational experiences of African, African American, and other students. We believe that when the voices and histories of African American students are deliberately and intentionally recognized, it will help students experience themselves as valuable and worthy of an education.

Umoja at Napa Valley College

Umoja at Napa Valley College provides an environment to Survive and Thrive and specifically targets the retention, persistence, and success of African-American students. Exclusive, it is not. Students from a diverse, wide-range of varied backgrounds are participants in the program. The overall goal is to help students progress toward their success. 

Why Such a Program?

Research has revealed that mentoring relationships, along with intentional and deliberate focus on successful strategies, help to increase positive outcomes for historically under-represented populations. Course completion and academic success in college for African-Americans are amongst the lowest of students attending California colleges. The program objective is to promote student success and improved lifetime outcomes through a curriculum that is responsive to the legacy of the African and African American Diasporas.


Monthly Indabas - 2nd Tuesday of the Month

College Tours

  • Weekly Porch Talks - selected Thursdays
  • Umoja Conference:  (TBD)

Cultural events throughout the semester
Check website for details

Women of the Learning Communities


Rites of Passage
Spring 2024, 6-7:30p - Student Activities Building


Weekly Virtual Village and Porch Talks are held on Zoom
For the zoom meeting ID and passcode, contact the Umoja office at (707) 256-7491.



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Dr. Ed Shenk Award recipient

How to Become "Umojafied" umoja application QR code

  •  Be committed to the goals, objectives, and mission of the Umoja Program.

  • Complete the Umoja Program Application, and any supporting documents.

  • Take the required courses (COUN and SPCOM), (ENGL and MATH) and other related courses (HUMA, and more).

  • Participate in all related events and activities.

  • Meet with the Umoja Counselor a minimum of three times per semester for educational and career planning.

  • Be active in "Porch Talk" - community dialogu.

  • Represent Umoja with respect, dignity, pride, and class inside and outside class.

  • Complete the Mentor Me application.

  • Meet with your assigned Umoja student at least 9 hours per semester.              

  • Be an advocate for the student.          

  • Participate in campus related events (when applicable).

  • Enjoy your interaction with your Umoja student.

  • Participate in the Umoja "Village" activities.
  • Be active in "Porch Talk"- Umoja community dialogue                                                
  • Support the goals and objectives of the Umoja Learning Community.
  • Attend Umoja sponsored and non sponsored events as well as Indabas​.