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A Journey Forward

The Wine Education Complex is a two-phase project. Phase One has been generously funded by The Wine Spectator and will more than double the current facilities for the wine and viticulture programs. Phase one is scheduled to break ground May 2024. Phase Two, The Wine and Hospitality Training Center, will provide a significant upgrade and addition to traditional classroom space, offering facilities to accommodate new courses within the College’s Hospitality Culinary Tourism Management Program (HCTM).

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Wine Education Complex

Welcome to the NVC Napa Valley Viticulture Teaching Winery! This is the very first winery located on a community college campus in California bonded and licensed to produce and sell wine.

The Napa Valley College Winery Foundation was awarded the bond for the winery in September of 2008. The operation of the winery is fully integrated into the Viticulture and Winery Technology (VWT) instructional program at Napa Valley College. View more information on VWT classes. All of the wine we produce is made from grapes grown on our five acre vineyard located on the Napa Valley College Campus. Every aspect of the winemaking process is completed on the campus in our own winery and cellar. Our students experience every aspect of the process from work in the vineyard to the marketing and sale of the wine. You could say that our wine is touched by more hands than at any other winery.

The Napa Valley Vintners and Trefethen Family Vineyards, along with many other donors, have helped Napa Valley College build a premier winery operation. The high quality wines we produce are a reflection of the community commitment to education and to Napa Valley College. We are grateful for everyone's participation in helping us produce a fine collection of wines.

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  • Interested in the wine club? Email for more information and to join the waiting list

Q: What is a wine club?
A: The idea of a wine club is something that is mostly unique to the wine industry. While the format can vary from winery to winery, they are often setup so members of a wine club receive a variety of benefits in exchange for a purchase commitment. These purchase commitments typically get referred to in a variety of ways, including an allocation, release, wine shipment, allotment, etc.

Q: Specifically, how does the NVC Wine Club work?
A: We have tried to setup our club in order to be reflective of a typical wine club in the Napa Valley, while also trying to keep it simple and easy to understand. There are two levels to consider:

Honor Roll - The commitment is 6 bottles per allotment, two allotments per year. Members will receive a 10% discount on ALL wines purchased.

Dean's List - The commitment is 12 bottles per allotment, two allotments per year. Members will receive a 20% discount on ALL wines purchased.

Q: Is there a cost to join the club?
A: No, the commitment to purchasing the allotments is all that is required for membership. New members commit to a full year of membership (two allotments) at a minimum and can cancel any time after that commitment has been met.

Q: What other benefits are included with my membership?
A: All members will have priority access to new releases, meaning they will receive the wines prior to the general public, and have the option to purchase beyond their allotment. They will also receive invitations and/or discounts to winery events. They will also be entitled to two free tastings per year, for a group size of 6 or less.

Q: When are the allotments?
A: There will be two allotments per year, one in the spring semester and one in the fall semester. We are still in the planning stage so we do not have the dates set as of now. However, the processing dates will be communicated to you weeks in advanced, if not months.

Q: What will be included in my allotment?
A: Allotments will be comprised of a variety of new releases as well as interesting library wines.

Q: Can I edit my allotment?
A: Yes! About two weeks prior to each allotment, you will be notified of the wines that will be included in your allotment as well as be given a window to log into your account and adjust your allotment however you like. You are also welcome to reach out out to us directly, and we will help you with the process.

Q: Can I add wines to my allotment?
A: Of course! The same process as editing your order would apply, and again, you are more than welcome to reach out to us directly for help. We LOVE hearing from our members!

Q: What events can I attend as a member?
A: At the very least the winery will be hosting two allotment Pick Up Parties per year. They will be scheduled soon after the allotment processing date so members can come to the event, try current releases, try library wines, and pickup their allotment. This is a developing program, but as we develop more and more ways to engage the public, we will continue to be sure to include benefits towards our members.

Purchase Student Made Estate Wines

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