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Basic Needs Center Syllabus Statement  

We at NVC recognize the unique needs of all of our students and understand that not having basic needs met can impact students’ health and wellbeing. The Basic Needs Center strives to support all NVC students with equitable access to food, housing, and financial, physical, and mental wellness resources. 

Location: Room 1202 (below the Little Theater) & Phone Number: (707) 256-7347 
Summer 2024 Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-5pm | Thursday 9am-3pm | Friday CLOSED

For our services, such as our monthly grocery program and express snacks, check out our Basic Needs Center website:

To apply for CalFresh (federal food assistance program), the Basic Needs Center has CalFresh Outreach staff who are here to guide you through the application process. Apply using NVC’s link: