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Adaptive Physical Education


Welcome to the Adaptive physical education department! This program offers a wide range of fitness activities for students with special needs. Our Facility has the latest exercise equipment and is equipped with specially designed machines that are wheelchair accessible.

The classes are designed with the student's individual needs and goals in mind. Students will receive an evaluation and an individual exercise plan. The college has an excellent and qualified faculty and support staff to work with each class.

This class is designed with the adult body in mind.

Intend to meet the needs of students requiring modified exercise programs. Exercise equipment accommodates many different abilities and is available to target the components of an exercise plan such as flexibility, strength, balance coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.

Provides the student the opportunity to explore movement and exercise in the water with a variety of equipment available. The pool is Olympic size and equipped with a chair lift to enable easy access, as well as gradual steps for easy entry and exit of the pool.

Focuses on all the elements essential in an exercise program, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

   Who is Eligible to Enroll

 Anyone with a medical condition that requires a modified exercise program designed to meet their individual needs.

   How to Enroll 

  • Fill out an Application for Napa Valley College.
  • Have a disability that can be medically verified.
  • Obtain a signed medical release from your physician. 
  • Contact the disabled student's program & Services office.
  • If you would like further assistance come to 403 located in the North Gym.
Classes will be offered in the Fall,  Spring, and Summer Semester. 

Contact Us

  •  Instructional Assistant

    Angela Sayer

  •  (707) 256-7646

  • Room: 403

  • Student Workers

    Miguel Diaz Soto

    Monica Soto

    Daniel Rivera Orozco

  • 7:30 AM - 12 pm