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Kasaysayan Pilipinx American Learning Community

Vision: Kasaysayan envisions a Bayanihan, Kapwa Community spirit where we grow, create and cultivate agents of change in the Pilipinx American Community and our allies.

Mission: Kasaysayan creates a safe environment for Pilipinx Americans and allies to achieve their educational and career goals by embracing culturally relevant, student-centered services, and experiences to support their success.  We empower students by nurturing healthy identity formation, Bayanihan and Kapwa spirit and self determination to become advocates for themselves, their community, and their education.


  • Community Centered

  • Self Determination

  • Social Justice

  • Social Change

  • Affirming Pilipinx American Cultural Capital

  • Personal Identity Formation


  1. Educate on Pilipinx American history and contributions to the United States and in the Bay Area.

  2. Support students to become agents of change in their communities

  3. Nurture a safe space for students and their families, staff and community members 

  4. Provide mentorships to ensure students achieve their career and life long goals

  5. Institutionalize Pilipinx Learning Communities at all California Community Colleges at the state level

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