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SPCOM 120 Interpersonal Communication- 3 units. CSU/UC 

This course is designed to improve the student’s ability to communicate one-on-one with other individuals. The course covers a range of topics such as the self-concept, perception, verbal and nonverbal communication patterns, assertiveness, listening, conflict resolution on, developing relationships and the impact of culture and gender on each aspect of communication.

SPCOM 122 Public Speaking- 3 units. CSU/UC 
This course focuses on developing the skills needed to research, organize and present effective speeches for a variety of audiences and occasions. Additional topics include reducing speech apprehension, use of visual aids, argumentation, critical thinking and critical listening.
SPCOM 124 Career Communciation3 units. CSU/US 
This course covers a range of workplace communication concepts and skills related to interpersonal communication, public speaking and group dynamics. The course also will include topics such as developing resumes, interviewing, leadership, conflict resolution and critical thinking.

SPCOM 126 Intercultural Communication- 3 units. CSU/UC

This course provides an introduction to the factors affecting intercultural communication. The course will examine the influences of culture and gender on areas such as worldviews, values, beliefs, verbal and nonverbal communication patterns, conflict styles and more, in order to develop self-awareness and sensitivity to others in intercultural interactions.

SPCOM 128 Critical Thinking: Argumentation and Debate-3 units. CSU/UC

This course focuses on basic argumentation theory including research, methods of analysis, use and test of evidence, refutation, and the logical responsibilities of advocacy. It emphasizes the preparation and presentation of cases for and against propositions of Fact, Value and Policy through debate and public address. 

SPCOM 130 Small Group Communication-3 units. CSU/UC

This course focuses on the dynamics of small group interactions. Students will combine theory and practice to develop skills in running and participating in groups. Topics include group formation and development, roles and norms, leadership, decision-making and problem solving, running meetings, conflict resolution and effective verbal and nonverbal communication. 

SPCOM 132 Oral Interpretation-3 units. CSU/UC                                      

This course covers a range of delivery concepts and skills for spoken and literary interpretations of text. Topics include literary analysis, vocal and physical delivery, group presentation, intellectual and emotional interpretations, and effective presentations. In addition, the course develops skills in articulation, reading, audience analysis, and presentation evaluation. 

SPCOM 134 - Introduction to Communication Theory-3 units. CSU/UC

This course is a survey of the discipline of Communication Studies with emphasis on multiple theoretical concepts relevant to the process of human communication. This course will introduce the basic history, assumptions, principles, processes, variables, methods, and different specializations of human communication as a field of study. Focus will be placed on how communication theory applies to a broad range of communication phenomena in intrapersonal, interpersonal, persuasion, mass, group and public communication settings.​