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Institutional Strategic Plan

The mission of the office is to promote and coordinate the development and implementation of institutional plans, collaborate in the coordination of program evaluation and planning, and to work with faculty and staff to maintain accreditation, prepare the self study and regular reports.

Strategic Plan & Progress Reports

Napa Valley College Institutional Strategic Plan, 2018-2023

  1. Work with local educational partners to promote opportunities at NVC and equip incoming students with the skills and resources needed for college success
  2. Engage NVC students and assist in their progress towards educational and job training goals
  3. Increase NVC student achievement and completion of educational and job training goals
  4. Achieve equity in student outcomes and promote equity-mindedness as a means to evaluate all District practices
  5. Ensure the fiscal stability of NVC as a community-supported district
  6. Enhance collaboration between NVC and community and civic partners 

Adopted by Planning and Budget Committee, September 29, 2020
Approved by Board of Trustees, October 8, 2020