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Academic Senate

Upholding a Vision and Commitment to Quality Instruction  


The Board of Trustees recognizes the role of the Academic Senate in matters pertaining to the formation of policies on academic and professional matters (reference Government Code 3540; Title 5, 53200-53205).

The Academic Senate is empowered to make recommendations to the Superintendent/President of the college and has the right to present its view to the governing board. The Academic Senate may present its written views and recommendations to the Superintendent/President for inclusion on the agenda of a Board of Trustees' meeting; in addition, the Academic Senate may address the board on matters of concern. The Board of Trustees shall consider and respond to such views and recommendations. The basic governance/committee structure of the college functions under the Academic Senate. Service on committees is an important faculty responsibility, and each faculty member is expected to serve on at least one committee or equivalent assignment.

Approved 3/9/65 (old #4136) - Revised 4/14/71 - Adopted 7/12/84
Updated Title from Faculty Senate to Academic Senate 9/91

Join your colleagues in contributing to the Senate fund. Academic Senate dues are collected via payroll deduction and monitored by the elected Senate Treasurer. The fund is used for Senate parties, special meeting refreshments, faculty retirement gifts, flowers, and campus activities. Your contribution is voluntary.

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