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The purpose of this committee is to evaluate and make recommendations on matters related to the credit and non-credit curriculum. Course and program additions, deletions, or significant changes or program requirements or in course outlines must be acted upon by this committee. Meeting dates are subject to change when necessary.

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The Distance Education and Educational Technology Committee shall be concerned with matters regarding technology as it impacts instruction and instructional needs.

The Faculty Business Committee shall be concerned with matters regarding professional qualifications and equivalencies, full- and part-time faculty hiring procedures, academic rank, faculty emeritus status, faculty ethics and academic freedom, faculty roles in college governance structures, faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, and other academic and professional matters related to faculty.

The Faculty Coach Committee shall be concerned with the Contract Faculty Evaluation Process. The committee will be chaired by the 2nd Vice President of the Academic Senate. The Committee will consist of Academic Senate members serving as coaches for the contract faculty evaluation process.

The Committee shall consist of the following Academic Senate members:  10 faculty representatives and a Faculty Co-Chair.  Non-Senate members are the District Co-Chair, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Academic Affairs, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Affairs, Senior Director of Facilities, 2 administrative representatives, 2 classified representatives, and 2 ASNVC representatives.

The Professional Learning Committee shall be concerned with faculty development, including instructional excellence, sabbatical leaves and professional achievements and honors. 

The Academic Senate shall appoint five faculty members (including at least one EOPS counselor) to work with the EOPS/Financial Aid Department on scholarships. These faculty shall serve a three-year term in place of their senate committee work.

The Student Success Standards Committee shall be concerned with the scholastic success of the students at Napa Valley College, the measurement of the degree of success achieved by students, and the instructional resources to help achieve student success.