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Library Collections


As a student or employee at Napa Valley College, you can access millions of resources within our various collections for free:

  • Library Catalog
    All of the print and some of the electronic resources that are available through the McCarthy Library. Note that for electronic academic resources, you should use our databases.
  • Library Databases
    The library provides access to academic databases, which contain articles, eBooks, images, newspapers, and streaming video, and more. You need a current NVC login in order to access materials.
  • Course Reserves
    The library has purchased many of the textbooks used in your courses which can be borrowed for limited periods of time.
  • Link+
    A combined catalog of over 6.5 million books from 66 libraries throughout California. With your library card, you can request any LINK+ book that isn't available locally to be delivered to your local branch (Napa Valley College) in about a week.
  • Library Card
    A library card is required in order to borrow both electronic and physical materials in the library catalog.


If you have a library card issued by McCarthy Library, you also have access to Napa County Public Library's collections. Our library catalog is shared with the public library, so using our catalog will show you everything at all these libraries.

  • Napa County Public Library Databases Although the Napa County Public Library's databases are focused on more general needs, there are many that may be useful for your academic needs.
  • Library Locations The Napa County Library has four branch locations in addition to the McCarthy Library at NVC.
  • Library of Things The County Library also checks out non-traditional resources in their Library of Things. This includes items such as eReaders, sewing machines, telescopes and so much more. You will definitely want to check it out if you haven't already!