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Classified Senate

It is the mission of the Classified Senate to work in cooperation with faculty and administrators to provide students with the support needed to achieve an excellent educational experience by promoting excellence in all aspect of support services provided to the college community.

Specifically, the Classified Senate has the responsibility to:

  • Provide the classified professionals a voice and participation in the initiation, development, and evaluation of District policy and procedures.
  • Provide the Administration and Governing Board with a means of ascertaining the convictions and suggestions of the classified staff on academic and professional matters.
  • Appoint classified professionals to participate in college-wide standing and ad hoc committees.
  • Accept leadership responsibility for policy recommendations in innovation and professional growth, excluding all areas that would require collective bargaining.
  • Provide consensus participation by the classified professionals in the college budget and policy processes.
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas, understanding, and cooperation between classified professional, faculty, administrators, and students in the interest of enriching the educational environment.
  • Promote recognition of classified professionals as a valued part of the college workforce.

*The term "classified professionals" means those employees designated by the California Education Code and the District to be classified employees whose duties do not require administrative or instructional credential. All classified professionals are automatically members of the Classified Senate.

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