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People, Culture and Society

Are you excited to learn about and understand people? Through this pathway, you will gain a global perspective, and engage with the behaviors, languages, histories, politics, economics, social dynamics, and cultural interactions that organize and identify the people around the world.


Anthropology is the study of humans, specifically human behavior, biology, cultures, and societies.

Art History

Art History at Napa Valley College provides students a range of courses, covering earliest image-making to contemporary art practice, photography to graphic design.

Child & Family Studies & Education

Prepares students to work as teachers with young children. Also serves as a beginning for students planning to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

Communication Studies

Communication Studies examines the creation, delivery, and receipt of messages in a range of settings, from private conversations to mass media to the workplace, where effective communication skills are prized.

Criminal Justice Education and Training

A multi-disciplinary program that seeks to educate students on the many aspects of justice administration—from the human, social and moral problems to the larger scope of justice systems.


Economics is the study of how people produce, distribute, and consume goods and services. Intertwined with politics, sociology, psychology, and history, economics studies how individuals and societies prioritize allocation of resources to build wealth.


If you appreciate the power of language to inform, describe, persuade, and entertain, studying English is an opportunity to deepen understanding – and even harness that power yourself. In the process, English students develop valuable skills for the workplace and study in any field.

Ethnic Studies

Equip students with the tools to critically examine the interplay between artistic, philosophical, historical, political, religious, and cultural issues as factors influencing humanity and the spectrum of human expression.

English as a Second Language

Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Communication courses for credit and non-credit students.


Learning about the past is among the oldest and most rewarding of human endeavors. Studying history can develop one’s capacity for informed citizenship, critical thinking, and awareness of the forces that shape the lives of individuals and societies.

Modern Languages

Spanish | French | Italian | Japanese | American Sign Language

LGBT Education Program

Prepares students pursuing careers in fields that serve LGBTQ populations including child development, education, criminal justice, human services, health occupations, business and hospitality.

Political Science

A solid foundation in the theories, practices, and institutions of politics – not only those of the United States, but of other countries – will help you become an astute political observer and informed political actor.


Rooted in both philosophy and science, psychology is the empirical study of behavior, emotion, and mental processes. Studying psychology provides a level of education and training that helps students succeed in a variety of careers and other graduate opportunities.


Provides students with a foundation of knowledge in the field sociology prepares them for transfer for further study towards a baccalaureate degree in sociology or related field. Develop knowledge and skills which enable them to understand, evaluate, and apply social science research and theories.