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Success Stories

Napa Valley College awards first LGBT Studies degrees

Midday on Saturday, May 29, hundreds of students will participate in a “drive-thru” ceremony at Napa Valley College (NVC) with their families, to pick up their diploma cover and take photos marking the moment they receive their degrees and certificates. Among them, for the first time ever, will be two students who have earned associate of science degrees in LGBT education.

Napa Valley College 2021 Valedictorian Oscar Loyola, Jr.

For an unassuming, humble young man, Oscar Loyola, Jr., Napa Valley College Class of 2021 Valedictorian, has already led a superlative life.

Rebeca Morales Calderon: The Power of People in Education

There are endless stories to be told in the world of public education, and each one has a resonant center that reveals a truth. In the case of Rebeca Morales Calderon, a 2016 graduate of Napa Valley College, that truth is the collaborative power of people. Of teachers, of employers, of students, of family, all working toward a common goal.

From High School Dropout to NVC Instructor

There are no “typical” students at Napa Valley College. There are, however, thousands of stories of how people, circumstances, resources such as the Napa Valley College Foundation, and individual motivation come together to create beautiful, inspirational stories of determination and aptitude. This is one of those stories.

NVC Student Martina Sanchez Wins November Student of the Month Award

Despite the challenges presented to arts education during distanced and hybrid learning with limited resources, Napa Valley students are prevailing, creating art worthy of recognition. Napa Valley College Theater Arts student Martina Sanchez was one of nine students honored in November by the the Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance (ACNVEA). The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Student of the Month awards are presented for excellence in the disciplines of music, theater, and visual & digital arts.