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Napa Valley College and City of St. Helena – Joint Statement on Partnership

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In conjunction with the recent Napa Valley College community forum, surveys, and college stakeholder discussions, representatives of the Napa Valley College Board of Trustees (NVC) and designated members of the St. Helena City Council, and their respective administrators held meetings to evaluate opportunities for strategic collaboration.

As a result of these discussions, representatives of both entities are pleased to announce a commitment to further strengthen and expand their collaboration, and have reached an agreement to negotiate a lease with the City, not to exceed five years, for use of a portion of the property. The following benefits are envisioned:

  • Shared use of the property ensures that the College will continue to fulfill its mission of providing quality educational and training programs, including for example the Hospitality, Culinary and Tourism Management program, and related viticulture programs.
  • Shared use will ensure that the College will sustain and enhance community education programming and events, including the acclaimed Napa Valley Writer’s Conference and City events.
  • The City and College envision the opportunity to collaborate to offer mentoring or internship possibilities to College students, in particular in the fields of accounting and finance, justice administration, engineering, and public administration.
  • The partnership enables the City to consolidate City Administration, Finance, Planning, Public Works, and the Parks and Recreation Departments, along with the Police Department in one location while the City continues to plan and construct or remodel other premises for permanent use.
  • City payments for rent and utilities will provide increased annual revenue to the College to offset the carrying and maintenance costs associated with the operation of the property.
  • Lease of a portion of the property also enables the City to vacate other valuable City property and sell or lease it to further other City objectives including, but not limited to potential housing opportunities.

Based on the recommendations of the representatives from the College and the City, each respective legislative body will agendize further discussion of the joint use and lease of a portion of the property.