A Napa Valley College parking permit is required on any vehicle parking on any part of the Napa Valley College main campus during the following hours:


Monday - Thursday 6 AM to 10 PM 
Friday6 AM to 5 PM 
Saturday & SundayNo Permit Required 
College HolidaysNo Permit Required


This includes parents, high school students, and guests who are using the College's athletic facilities for high school events, team practices, and games.  This also applies to club sport teams.

Visitor parking is located in the parking lot near building 1300. Visitors parking is marked by either a green curb or signs and is limited to 30 minutes.  Visitors requiring more than 30 minutes need to purchase a daily parking permit from a daily permit machine, parking permit machine located in lot C near the flagpoles. Daily digital permits can also be purchased by using Park Mobile App or Park Mobile on line, you will need to enter PARKING ZONE# 3690

Pick-Up & Drop-Off zones are marked with a white curb, signs, or both.  Parking and leaving your car is not allowed in these zones; however, you may sit and wait inside your car for a passenger for up to 30 minutes.  A large zone is located adjacent to the pool, gym, and the tennis courts.


 Photo of White Loading Zone

Photo of White Loading Zone (white-painted curb & sign)

Your Parking Options:

  • Semester Parking Permit:  If you are on campus more than one day per week then the semester permit is the least expensive parking option.  Semeter parking permits can only be purchased online from Credentials, Inc. 
  • No Parking Permit Necessary: A parking permit is not required if you use the "Pick-Up and Drop-Off" zones, which are located throughout the campus. Click here for map.
  • Daily Parking Permit:  If you park occasionally on campus then a daily parking permit may be your best option.  A daily parking permit can be purchased from the permit machines that are located throughout the parking lots or are available for purchase through Park Mobile App or online by joining Park Mobile.  Click here for a map of parking permit locations.  These locations are identified by the parking permit machine signs. Daily parking permits are only valid on the day of purchase.
  •  Parking Machine Sign

    Photo of Parking Machine Sign

     Phot of Parking Permit Machine Photo of Parking Machine 2

    Example of the two types of Daily Parking Permit Machines


    Copies of the official Napa Valley College parking regulations can be obtained from the College Police (Building 2250).