Spring 2022 Permits will 

be available in January.

  • Student, Staff  and Faulty permits are ELECTRONIC. You will NOT receive a physical permit for your vehicle.
  • If you have a new vehicle that does NOT have a license plate, please submit the last 6 numbers of your vin, print your confirmation and put it on your dashboard. WHEN YOU RECIEVE YOUR LICENSE PLATE YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE YOUR VIN NUMBER TO YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER.
  • Log in to Napa Valley College Police Department Citizen Portal (tocite.net) to edit your information. If you did not make a log in when purchasing your permit, please call NVCPD at 707-256-7770.
  • If you drive a different vehicle that is not registered such as rental or you drove someone else's car, please follow the link below to update your vehicle information.
  • You will be responsible for changing the vehicle information to the vehicle you drive on campus. 
  • Daily permits are also available for purchase through ParkMobile.

When using Park Mobile App or Park Mobile on line, you will need to enter    PARKING ZONE# 3690


Speed Limits on Campus


ROADWAYS 20 MPH or Posted Limit


Motor Assistance


College Police can jump-start your car if your battery is dead, or unlock your car door if you lock your keys inside.


College Police cannot change your tire or provide gas.


To get assistance you need to have a driver's license and be prepared to sign a damage waiver. During peak periods you may have to wait.


Driver Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of every driver to know and obey the Napa Valley College parking regulations, and the California Vehicle Code.


It is the driver's responsibility to provide a parking permit for any vehicle parked on the Napa Valley College campus.


The Napa Valley College Parking Regulations and the California Vehicle Code are enforced at all times.


Colored curbs (blue for disabled, red for no stopping, etc) have the same meaning on the campus as those found in any city.


Any vehicle not properly parked will be issued a parking citation.


Parking Permits


Napa Valley College parking permits are required for all vehicles parked on any part of the Napa Valley College campus during the following hours:


Monday - Thursday6 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Friday6 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Saturday and SundayNo Permit Required
College HolidaysNo Permit Required

Semester parking permits must be ordered online, and can be paid for online or at the Business Office, Cashier's Window (1500 Building). The cost of semester parking permits are $32.00 for Spring or Fall semester and $16.00 for Summer semester.
Semester parking permits are now digital and registered to your license plate. (YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A PHYSICAL PERMIT)
Daily parking permits can be purchased from the stamp dispensers located in the parking lots. Daily parking permits are $2.00 per day and valid on the day of purchase only. Or when using Park Mobile App or Park Mobile on line, you will need to enter    PARKING ZONE# 3690



Semester parking permits are electronic. Your license plate will be your permit. If you have a new vehicle that does NOT have a license plate, please submit the last 6 numbers of your vin. When you receive your license plate you will need to change your vin number to your license plate number through Napa Valley College Police Department Citizen Portal (tocite.net)


A parking permit entitles parking on campus when space is available. At peak class periods (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM) additional parking is available in parking lot J (ball field) Parking permits are requiered. Alternate methods of transportation are strongly encouraged.

Designated Parking Spaces


Motorcycles may park in designated parking spaces in the North and South parking lots. A permit is not required for motorcycle parking in these spaces. Motorcycle parking spaces are marked on the pavement by short diagonal lines. Motorcycles that are parked in a regular car space must have a valid permit. We do not recommend the permit be placed on the motorcycle due to potential theft or loss. The driver/owner of the motorcycle must contact the College Police department to register the motorcycle and permit.



Visitor parking is located in the parking lot near the flag poles and building 1300. Visitors parking is marked by a green curb and signs, it is limited to 30 minutes. Visitors requiring more than 30 minutes need to purchase a daily parking permit from a daily permit machine. Click here for more information about parking for visitors.

parking is marked by orange signs, orange care stops or orange lines and is restricted to those cars with a Napa Valley College Staff parking permit. Parking in staff parking with a semester or daily permit may result in a parking ciation and possible tow-away. If you are a Napa Valley College employee, go to Napa Valley College Police Department Citizen Portal (tocite.net)  to order a staff parking permit.




Pick-Up and Drop-Off zones are marked with a white curb, signs or both. Parking and leaving your car is not allowed in these zones; however, you may sit and wait inside your car for a passenger.



Parking Citations


Any car, which is parked in violation of the Napa Valley College parking regulations, may be issued a parking citation.


If you receive a parking citation and wish to appeal it, you must contact the College Police Department within 21 days of receiving the citation or you will loose your right to contest the citation.


You may pay for your citation at the following locations:
- In person - at the cashier's window located in the 1500 building.
- On line - at  https://www.tocite.net/napavalleycollegepd/Portal  


Failure to pay or respond to a parking citation within 60 days will result in a "HOLD" being placed on you car registration by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This means that you will not be able to renew your car registration until all fines are paid.


By California law, the registered owner of a vehicle is liable for all citations issued to that vehicle.


Parking citations are issued in accordance with the Napa Valley College parking regulations and California Vehicle Code Sections


Payment Plan Information

You may enroll your citations in a monthly payment plan within 60 days of issuance, or within 10 days of an administrative hearing determination. The timeline for completion and minimum monthly amounts due are based on the total amount enrolled in a payment plan. There may be a processing fee for payment plans.

Payment Plans are not available for citations on vehicles that are currently booted or towed.

For more information on payment plans follow the link below.

Please contact the College Police at 707-256-7770


Tow Away


Disabled and/or abandoned vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense after 72 hours, unless prior arrangements have been made with the College Police Department.


Any car with five or more unpaid parking citations may be immobilized or towed away at the owner's expense.


Any car that is illegally parked, impedes the flow of traffic, or parked in a pathway or driveway may be towed away at the owner's expense.

Overnight Parking


The Napa Valley College campus is closed to vehicle parking from 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM without prior permission of the College Police Department.


Recreational vehicles are not allowed to park overnight, nor are persons allowed to sleep in their vehicles overnight on campus.




Copies of the official Napa Valley College parking regulations can be obtained by following the link below.

NVC Parking Regulations