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Financial Aid

California College Promise Grant (formerly BOGFW)

California College Promise Grant - Academic Progress Requirements

Beginning Fall 2016, BOGFW/CCPG students are required to meet Napa Valley College Academic Progress Standards in order to use their BOGFW/CCPG. 

How will my academic progress for the CCPG
be determined?

Your CCPG academic progress will be reviewed at the time you register for classes.  If you fail to meet the Napa Valley College ACADEMIC, PROGRESS, or a combination of academic and progress standards in the prior two consecutive primary (fall, spring) semesters, you will LOSE your eligibility to USE THE CCPG to pay your enrollment fees (even if the award is still active) AND will be required to pay all fees on your own.

What are the Napa Valley College academic and progress standards?

ACADEMIC:  You are required to sustain a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

PROGRESS:  You are required to complete more than 50% of your  coursework.

How will I know if I failed to meet NVC academic or progress standards?

You will be notified by email within 30 days of the end of the semester if you are placed on academic or progress probation for a semester.  If you are placed on academic, progress, or a combination of academic and progress probation for two consecutive primary semesters, you will lose eligibility to use the BOGFW.

If I lose eligibility to use my CCPG (BOGFW), how do I get it back?

You may regain eligibility to use your BOGFW in one of the following ways:

1)  Improve your GPA or course completion measures to meet the NVC academic and progress standards

2)  An approved appeal regarding extenuating circumstances. Get the appeal form by clicking here.

3)  Sitting out (not attending) for two consecutive primary semesters (fall/spring)

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