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Admissions & Records

Admissions and Records Forms

Important Update: New COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement (Effective Spring 2022)

A&R Forms Processing: Please be aware that all forms require processing time. We will process your forms in the order received. Please do not submit the same form more than once. If the form you need is not yet in DocuSign, please submit to for routing and processing. Please contact the Welcome Center if you have any questions about which form you will need or with questions about the process.

       Statement of Legal Residency- DocuSign

AB 540 & AB2000 California Nonresident Tuition- DocuSign

Questions about residency? Please contact

Registration Forms

Audit Form - DocuSign (Use on the first day of class)

Course Conflict Petition-DocuSign

(Complete Registration Form after submitting this form)

Course Repetition Petition-DocuSign (must see counselor)

(Complete Registration Form after submitting this form)

Drop Card - DocuSign (Use during the drop period if dropping on MyNVC Self-Service (Student Planning) is not possible. Fill out Late Add/Drop Petition below if requesting to drop after deadline)

Excess Unit Limit (Overload) Petition - DocuSign (must see counselor)

Late Add/Drop and Waiver of College Regulations Petition- DocuSign (Use ONLY after the deadline to Add or Drop. May also submit this form if dropping due to COVID-19)

Loss of Priority California College Promise Grant Appeal Petition - DocuSign

Pass/ No Pass Grade Authorization Form- DocuSign

Prerequisite Equivalency Petition - DocuSign (Use if you do not have registration priority)

Prerequisite Equivalency Petition/Course Registration Combo- DocuSign (Use if you do have registration priority)

Prerequisite Equivalency Petition: Late Start/Late Add - DocuSign (Submit during the spring add period, January 19 to February 2 - Late-start and short-term sections have different add periods)

Registration Form- DocuSign

Registration Form with Add Code - DocuSign (Submit when unable to register via Student Planning during the add period)

Registration Form for Noncredit Classes - DocuSign (NON-CREDIT STUDENTS)

Registration Form for Spanish Classes - DocuSign (Students must complete the Spanish Placement Test first, then attached scores and submit this form)

Registration Form for Welding Classes - DocuSign (Students must first consult with the instructor before using this form.)

Graduation Forms

Graduation: AA/AA-T and AS/AS-T Pettion and Checklist - DocuSign (must see counselor)

Graduation: CSU-GE/IGETC Certificate of Achievement Petition - DocuSign (must see counselor)

Petition for all Other Certificates- DocuSign (must see Program Coordinator)

International Student Forms

International School Transfer Notification

International Student Application

High School Student Forms

NVC Application must be completed first. Forms without applications will not be processed.

DocuSign Instruction Manual for HS Students

Find your High School's Custom Permit to Attend below:

  • When submitting prior to open registration: student must register on WebAdvisor (Forms submitted prior to open registration allow student to register in any open section of the course)
  • When submitting during open registration: student will be registered by A&R staff (Forms submitted during open registration require section number to be registered)
  • When submitting during the add period: student will be added by A&R staff (Forms submitted during add period require section number and add code to be added)

American Canyon High School Custom Permit to Attend

Calistoga High School Custom Permit to Attend

Justin Siena High School Custom Permit to Attend

Napa High School Custom Permit to Attend

Napa Valley Independent Studies Custom Permit to Attend

​New Tech High School Custom Permit to Attend

Pathways Charter High School Custom Permit to Attend

St. Helena High School Custom Permit to Attend

Valley Oak High School Custom Permit to Attend

Vintage High School Custom Permit to Attend

**If your high school is not listed above, please use form below: 

**DocuSign High School Permit to Attend + Course Registration form requires student, parent, and high school principal's signature (name and email) and NVC Student ID. Some high schools require a high school counselor's signature as well. 
ONLY students under age 15 are required to obtain instructor signature (name and email). All others require only the student, parent, and principal signature.

Find all other important high school forms below:

High School Permit to Attend - Home Schooled Students

High School Permit To Attend + Registration + Overload- DocuSign (Complete this form during registration or add period if you plan to enroll in over 11 units)

Steps for Dual Enrollment for Students Under 15 Years Old

(Students Under Age 15) High School Permit to Attend- DocuSign Form

High School Permit to Attend Fillable (In Person Form - Use only if unable to use DocuSign form)

Transcript Forms

Transcript Authorization of Release (Authorized person presents with picture ID when picking up transcript)

Order Transcripts online

Student Records Forms

Student-Initiated Transcript Evaluation Form

Change of Major- DocuSign

Change of Information Form- DocuSign

FERPA Guidelines

Student Information Release 

Student Consent or Withdrawal of Consent to Release Information

Grade Verification Form

Repeat Adjustment (External Course Repetition)

COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Form- DocuSign

Vaccination Medical Exemption Form for Medical Provider Spring 2022- ( To be used & upload to when requesting a Medical Exemption to form "Covid-19 Vaccination Exemption Form-DocuSign")

Student Finance Forms

          (submission date guidelines)
           Waiver Form - Student Representative Fee - DocuSign (See submission date guidelines)

For Refund/Fee Questions please go to the Business Office Webpage: