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The Cultural Center is happy to host a timely webinar and dialogue training series.  This series is brought to us by the Latina Leadership Network (LLN) Cuesta College Chapter in collaboration with the LLN Statewide and the Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success.  This training will focus on how we can be effective and helpful for students whom are undocumented. These free webinars will focus on how we can be helpful and effective in working with undocumented students.  Now more than ever, we need to be aware of the latest information and discuss how we can better support our undocumented students!

We hope you are able to join these trainings and work together to identify steps we can currently take to support our “dreamers” during this difficult time!

All Webinars will be shown in the Cultural Center on the days and times listed below.  Feel free to bring a Brown Bag Lunch!

Participants who attend all 3 webinars will receive a certificate of completion and recognion as an ally for undocumented students from the Latina Leadership Network.

Spring 2018 Schedule:

Participants will learn foundational knowledge about supporting undocumented students, basic laws that provide access to education, and explore examples of success in supporting students.

Participants will further explore California legislation impacting undocumented immigrants, identify barriers undocumented students may face in their departments, programs, and/or school sites, and will brainstorm ways to overcome those barriers.

Participants will research best practices in supporting undocumented students, share progress they have made on their campuses, and will commit to continuing to be an ally in their campus community.

More details to come! Questions?  Contact Dr. Craig John Alimo at calimo@napavalley.edu

Highlights from the Fall 2017 Series:

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