Welcome to the NVC Equity Calendar! How do I use this calendar?  Click HERE.

Want to know how to CONTRIBUTE to this calendar?  Contact us at equity@napavalley.edu

How To Use This Calendar

What is GREAT about this calendar is that it actually has at least 4 calendar "layers" and seems a bit "busy".  These layers include:

NVC Equity:  This layer captures Equity and Inclusion events that are happening on the Napa Valley College Campuses.
Cultural Center: This layer captures events that specifically happen in the NVC Cultural Center, Located in Room 930A.  This room is situated inside of the Student Activities Center in the 900 Building
Community Events:  This layer captures equity related events off campus, in the surrounding community of the City and County of Napa...and beyond!
Multicultural Events: This layer captures events from different cultures and religions from around the world.

How come there are duplicate events on here? Sometimes we know about an event that seems appropriate to list on multiple calendars.  We want to make sure we have all of our communities covered with our advertising, so one event may show up on the calendar above multiple times.   How do I fix this??  See the next paragraph...

This Calendar is too busy! Here's how to simplify it.   You can choose the calendar layers you want to see by "turning them off".   It's easy, and once you learn it, you'll be good to go! This technique works for both the calendar above, or on our home page:

screenshotCalendarHowTo1.jpg1.  Find the little dark blue downward pointing triangle arrow in the light blue box...click on it!

screenshotcalendarHowto2.jpg2. Turn "on" or "off" each layer with a check!

3.  Play around with the functions by clicking on the tabs to show different views

4.  Want more detail about an event?  Click on the event you are interested in and expand the displayed information...dig deeper by clicking on the "more details" links.

Any questions, by all means, give us a shout at equity@napavalley.edu