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Student Learning Outcomes

1. Communication and Critical Thinking

  • Create and communicate thoughts, ideas, and information effectively
  • Read and interpret college-level texts
  • Conduct research and obtain information from reliable sources

2. Scientific and Quantitative Inquiry

  • Apply scientific principles to measure and observe the physical world
  • Understand the relationship between human behavior and the physical environment
  • Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information
  • Conduct calculations and solve problems using quantitative reasoning

3. Global and Civic Awareness

  • Evaluate and apply the principles and methodologies used by the social and behavioral sciences
  • Examine issues in their contemporary as well as historical settings and in a variety of cultural contexts

4. Intercultural Literacy and Creativity

  • Understand artistic expression and the role of art in culture, history, and social critique
  • Identify unique features among various cultures
  • Describe and demonstrate intercultural competency

5. Personal, Academic, and Career Development

  • Assess individual knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Set goals and develop plans to achieve them
  • Perform work-related functions according to current industry standards and interact with others professionally