First, go to WebAdvisor (link opens new window).  You will be on the Main Menu as shown below.

WebAdvisor Main Menu - Anyone can use the Prospective Students menu or the Search for Classes link without logging in 

Now click on the "Search for Classes" link--no username or password required.  Now you'll see the search form as shown below.

WebAdvisor Search for Classes form 

Select the term from the drop-down list (do not enter dates).  You must enter at least one other piece of information before clicking the Submit button--this can be a Subject, multiple subjects, a section number, a location, an instructor's last name... Just remember that the less information you put into your search, the more results you'll get back.

Sample Search Results from WebAdvisor Search for Classes. 

In your results you will see a great deal of information:


  • The term the class falls under.


  • Open - You can register for the class if you pass all requirements--prerequisites, eligibility, etc.
  • Closed - You cannot register, and there is no waiting list available.
  • Waitlisted - The class is full and you cannot register, but you can add yourself to the waiting list.  If you choose to do this, you should attend the first class to see if the instructor will allow you into the class.  If he or she does, you will need to get a signed Add Card from the instructor and bring it to Admissions & Records to officially enroll in the class.
  • Waitlist Full - The class is closed and the waiting list is full.  You may not register for this class.

Section Name and Title

  • The course designation, followed by the section number, followed by the title.  This is a clickable link, and clicking it will open a new window with detailed information about the class including the full catalog description, start and end dates, detailed meeting information, faculty name and contact information (if available), prerequisites, and other additional information.

Meeting Information

  • Detailed dates, times, building, and room information.


  • Name of faculty member teaching course, or TBA (To Be Announced).


  • These three numbers are frequently misunderstood.  The first number is the number of empty seats left in the class that you can still register for.  The second number is the total number of students the class can accept.  The third number is how many students are on the waiting list if one is available (not all classes have waiting lists, and waiting lists may be different sizes)


  • The number of units one will receive for the course.  If the course is a Variable Unit course only the Minimum number of units that can be chosen will be displayed.

CEUs - Not used by NVC.

Academic Level

  • This will either be Undergraduate Level for Credit Courses, or Noncredit Level for non-credit (community education) courses.