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The NVC Visual Arts program offers a comprehensive range of courses for both transfer/degree and lifelong learning students. Our studio art, art history and digital art courses teach students to develop practical and conceptual skills while honing their ability to think critically, creatively, and independently.

Students may pursue an Associates of Arts degree or Certificate and prepare for transfer to a college, university or art school.


  • Critically analyze and assess diverse historical and contemporary works of art, architecture, and design.

  • Create art that engages and builds on historical and contemporary practices, theories, and materials.

  • Translate concepts and visual experience into images or tactile forms.

  • Present finished artwork for peer, professional or academic review.

  • Evaluate and critique artwork and receive criticism from others.

  • Express artistic concepts and intents in written and oral formats.



Once dormitories for the Napa State Hospital farm, the Art Center houses Studio Art, Photography and Art History. The Ceramics building is fully equipped with gas, electric, wood, salt, and Raku kilns. Digital Art classes are taught in two of our Mac Labs.


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For more information, contact the Art Department Coordinator Erik Shearer at