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Steps to Register Heading 4 4 17.jpgCom 5 steps to enroll head 4 5 17-1.jpg

If you have not completed an application, you will need to do so before registering for classes. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for processing. You will receive an email confirming your application has been received by CCCApply and then a letter from the college outlining the next steps required for admissions and will also include your student ID number.

MyNVC 4 4 17-1.jpgFollow directions for the MyNVC mini-portal to establish your WebAdvisor log in, create your student.edu email through Office 365 and set up your Canvas account to access the orientation and/or access online classes.

Know Your Priority Registration Date  4 4 17-1.jpg

For dates of Online Registration, review the Priority Registration page or the Admissions & Records Calendar page. Either page will have access to a PDF version of the current session Registration Calendar which includes the Priority Registration dates. If you need additional help establishing your priority, please contact the A&R office at 707-256-7000.

Registration Tips 4 4 17-1.jpg EVALUATION for prerequisites or preliminary information for graduation petition (submit your transcripts to A&R front counter. This process can take up to 6 weeks.) 

 (to clear prerequisites for classes that have been taken at another college or university).

COURSE REPETITION FORM (must be presented at time of registration of specific course, only.)

COURSE OVERLOAD PETITION (if you plan on taking more than 18 units, requires approval of counselor.)

COURSE CONFLICT PETITION (if there is more than a 10 minute overlap of courses the form must be filled out with the instructor who is losing the time and a plan for making up the class time must be outlined.)

PAST DUE REGISTRATION FEES must be paid in full and there are no business office holds on your account. Call the business office for more information at 707-256-7188.

A PROBATION HOLD will be applied after the second semester in which a student maintains less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA, the student will be placed on Academic Probation—Second Semester Status. Students are encouraged to sign up for a Probation Workshop through the General Counseling division in person or at 707-256-7220, to discuss review of the hold.

After You've Registered  4 4 17-1.jpg
7 DAYS TO PAY All students who have an outstanding balance must pay for classes within 7 days of their registration date or you may be deregistered. This rule applies until the day before classes start. After class starts, you cannot be dropped from classes for non-payment. You must pay your account in full before the next term registration starts or you will be blocked from registration. 

WAIT LISTING CLASSES During the registration period, students may place themselves on the wait list for a class that is full. If a space becomes available, you will automatically be added to the class and will receive an email notifying you of the enrollment. Once you are registered for the class, you will have 7 Days to Pay for your class.  Do not wait list for a class until you are ready to take the class or have submitted the appropriate documentation to register successfully. If you are blocked from enrollment, a red message alert will help guide you to the appropriate department for additional help.

After classes begin  4 4 17-1.jpg
LATE ADD PERIOD is typically, the first two weeks of school. This is the time when students have the opportunity to add classes to their schedule by attending a class and requesting an Add Code. For online classes, students may email the instructor and receive an add code to enroll. It is highly recommended that you attend (and be on time) the first day of the class meeting to attain an Add Code or be considered for receiving an Add Code. Students enrolled in classes but do not attend the first day of class, may be dropped. 

REGISTER WITH AN ADD CODE To use the Add Code to enroll in a class, go to WebAdvisor and under the Registration heading choose "Register with an add code." Enter the term, class section number (only) and your add code. Submit and follow the instructions to register for the class. If your code is not working, check that you are using the code within the correct dates of the "Add Period" or verify the code with your instructor. Add codes are only valid during the posted "Late Add Period," for the current session. See the Late Start - Short Term Course Sections Report for additional dating.

LATE ADD/DROP A class may be added after the Late Add Period based on extenuating circumstances by submitting a Late Add/Drop Petition and providing the appropriate documentation to support your request. 

DROPPING A CLASS Any class can be dropped at any time during the semester based on the times outlined on the Registration Calendar or on the Late Start/ Short Term Class Schedule. The most important dates during the semester to remember are:

     a. Any class can be dropped before the class starts without being penalized. No grade will show on  
         your transcript.

     b. Last day to drop a class without a "W" grade and a refund. No grade will show on your transcript and
         you will be refunded based on the Fees and Refunds schedule.

     c. Last day to drop a class with a "W" grade. A grade of "W", withdraw, will be assigned for the class.

     d. At any time during the semester you can petition to drop a class due to extenuating circumstances by
         filing out a Late Add/Drop Petition and providing the appropriate documentation to support your