General Registration Information 

     Once a student has submitted an CCCApply Admission Application to the college and has participated in the SSSP (Student Success and Support Program) process. The next step is to officially register (enroll) in specific classes. Napa Valley College offers students two ways to register for classes:

  • Online Registration through WebAdvisor. 
  • Walk-in Registration.  Registering in person at either our main Napa campus or our Upper Valley Campus.

After registration you will receive an acknowledgment of registration process and have 7 days to pay for your classes. For more information please refer to 7 Days to Pay on the Business office pages.

  • Information on Adding a Class during the Late add period 

WebAdvisor will close at 12 midnight prior to the start of classes. To add classes at NVC you must attend the class and obtain an Add Code from the instructor on the first day of classes. For online classes, students will need to email the instructor to request an add code.  Then, the student can add the class on WebAdvisor by logging in and using the "Register Using an Add Code" link. The Admissions and Records Office does not distribute Add Codes to students. There are specific deadlines for adding classes. All deadlines are published on the Admissions and Records Calendar.

  • Information on Wait listing a class
  • SSSP (Student Success and Support Program  
  • Biology 218, 219, 220 Course Enrollment 
Students who want to take Biology 218, 219 or 220 may enroll in these classes on their registration priority date. Students need to ensure that prerequisite requirements have been met, and the appropriate documentation has been submitted to the Admissions and Records Office prior to their registration priority date. Concurrent enrollment in Biol 218 and Biol 219 must be approved by the biology department by submitting this Petition to Enroll form.
  • Community Education Classes 
  • Dropping/Withdrawal from a Class 

Withdrawal from a class shall be authorized through 75% of the term. Students may drop classes through WebAdvisor or by going to Admissions & Records and complete a Drop Card.  It is the student's responsibility to officially drop a class.  Failure to withdraw/drop a class by the dates posted in the class schedule or webpage will result in a failing (F) grade. If you need to drop a course, please refer to the class schedule or the Admissions and Records Calendar for important drop deadlines. 

  • High School Students  

  • Independent Study 

Students may earn up to a total of 12 units over the total period of student residency through independent study. Independent study is planned by the instructor and student together. The program includes weekly meetings to discuss the student's progress. In a typical program, 50 hours of work in a semester will earn one unit. The independent study option may not be used in lieu of existing credit courses which cover the same or similar subject matter. Independent study must be approved by the instructor, division chair, and the Vice President of Instruction. Independent study forms are available in the Office of Instruction, 1500 Administration Building, Room 1531. Once the form is approved by the instructor, the division chair, and the Vice President of Instruction, the student must enroll in the class.

  • Online Education 

Here at Napa Valley College we understand that there are needs for every individual who seeks educational advancement.  That is why we offer online education classes that provide the learner with the flexibility and convenience needed for those learners who may not have the time to come in and take a class on one of our campuses.  The classes are no less academically challenging, it just provides the student with a different environment in which to attain their educational goals. 

  • New Enrollment Limitation on Course Repetition

Students will not be permitted to enroll in the same credit course more than three times, except in special circumstances or when the course is designated as repeatable and allows a greater number of repetitions. The reasons a student may be eligible to repeat are: 1) When the course is designated as repeatable. 2) If the student earns a substandard grade (“D,” “F,” “NP”) and wants to retake it to earn a passing grade (“C” or higher, “P”) or 3) when a student meets the criteria for special circumstances.