Graduation Policies.jpg

Catalog Rights 

Students have two options regarding the requirements for the associate degree (graduation requirements.) They are eligible to graduate under the catalog in effect at the time they petition to graduate, whether or not they maintain continuous enrollment at the college. Students who maintain continuous enrollment (by taking at least one course each academic year - fall or spring semester) may also elect to graduate under the catalog in effect during initial enrollment at Napa Valley College.

Catalog rights do not apply to modifications to entrance requirements for programs (e.g., ADN, Respiratory Therapy, etc.) or program prerequisites. Consult the catalog supplement and a counselor for any changes to these requirements.

Graduation Petitioning 

All candidates for graduation must file a petition in the Admissions and Records Office in the semester they wish to graduate. All students must meet with a Counselor prior to filing their petition in Admissions and Records. Graduation petitions are due the ninth week of each semester.  During the summer, students can file during the fifth week for graduation during the summer semester. Please consult the Registration Calendar for exact dates for submission.